Comprehensive Two Wheeler Insurance vs. Third Party Two Wheeler Insurance: Here’s The Brief Guide

Getting the best insurance coverage for your motorcycle can be the difference between riding with peace of mind and riding as an uncertain rider. Therefore, insurance covers are integral, and a failure to have them can lead to unimaginable losses. Different companies offer a wide array of insurance covers that are designed to suit different motorcycle users. For instance, some companies offer comprehensive insurance plans, while others provide third-party insurance cover for two-wheeled motorcycles.

On the other hand, some offer both plans to their customers. As such, there has been a long-standing debate on which insurance cover is best suited for your two-wheeler motorcycle. With this in mind, this article will provide a detailed overview of comprehensive and third-party insurance cover, with the sole purpose of providing detailed information to anyone in search of insurance coverage plans for their motorcycles.

 Third-Party Motorcycle Insurance

 The third-party motorcycle insurance generally comes with a counseling package that offers up to $1500 per household for each member of the company. This amount is used to cover any costs incurred during a counseling session after making a claim. 

 A Highly Dedicated Claims Team

 A perfect insurance provider is one that follows up on filed claims and works towards ensuring that the claims are settled. A highly dedicated team has been designed to follow up on the claims made, thus ensuring that you get your claim settled with immediate effect. 

 Round the Clock Emergency Claims Assistance

 When you get into an accident, you want an insurance provider who will be available and ready to lend an ear. Multiple insurance providers offer third-party cover that has a 24/7 emergency claims department that follows up and ensures that any claim filed is addressed accordingly. 

 A Wide Array of Coverage Options

 With two-wheeler motorcycle insurance coverage, you are protected from theft and damages emanating from fire, natural calamities such as earthquakes, towing costs, emergency transport and repairs, and legal liabilities when you get into legal trouble with your motorcycle.

 Unmatched Rewards

 Some insurance companies will reward you for maintaining a clean record while on the road. The rewards given in this case may include monetary give-away or discounted prices on your cover. With a third-party insurance cover, you are guaranteed rewards, provided you will maintain your two-wheeler to be roadworthy enough and that you won’t be involved in reckless riding. The coverage also gives you an option to get up to $500 if you happen to lose or damage your pillion riding gear. 

 Comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance

 As the name suggests, comprehensive insurance is an insurance coverage plan that typically covers most or all aspects of your motorcycle, unlike third-party insurance, which covers only a section of your motorcycle. In addition, comprehensive motorcycle insurance offers the following features.

 Round the Clock Counseling Services

 With an up to $1,500 per household counseling package, motorcycle owners with comprehensive insurance coverage are perfectly catered when seeking counseling services after filing a claim. 

 Dedicated Claims Response Team

 When you file a claim with an insurance company, the bare minimum that one expects is to get a detailed response on how to have their issue addressed. Here, the role of the insurance provider is to ensure that any claims brought forth by a complaint are handled and settled accordingly. In addition, the team also specializes in following up on the case till the prerequisite steps are taken to address the claim.

 Roadside Assistance

 The major difference between comprehensive and third-party insurance plans is the presence of a roadside assistance option. Comprehensive motorbike insurance holders have the right to request roadside assistance services from their insurance provider without paying an extra dime. This package is advantageous because it gives the rider the peace of mind that they will be catered for regardless of where they encounter mechanical issues or get involved in an accident. The roadside assistance is also available 24/7, thus giving you the peace of mind that you are effectively cushioned when disaster strikes. 

 Cover from Natural Disasters

 Similar to the third-party insurance cover, the comprehensive cover offers a cushion against natural calamities such as earthquakes, storms, or flooding that may damage the motorcycle. Additionally, one is protected in instances where their motorcycle gets stolen or is damaged by fire. In instances where your motorcycle has personalized registration plates, and they get damaged or lost, the comprehensive insurance plan will have them replaced for free. 

 Pillion and Riding Gear Protection

 As a comprehensive insurance holder, you will get an extra $500 to protect your riding gear just in case it gets damaged or stolen. Additionally, an additional $5,000 is available to anyone planning to upgrade their standard riding gear. This $5,000 also caters to your items, provided they are motorcycle-oriented.

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