Cisco AnyConnect 2FA: Better User Experience Through Security

There are many MFA solutions available on the market and while they all do the same thing; provide multi-factor authentication to your devices and networks; the user experience is different for each of them. Some MFA solutions have a more difficult step-by-step setup process than others which is not necessarily a bad thing, but can create frustration for the user and become an inconvenience if they have to be on the phone with support each time they need assistance. 

So how do we give a better user experience through security? When LoginTC was developed, the user experience was at the top of the list. The goal was to create an authentication process that was seamless for the user, without compromising security. The LoginTC authenticator essentially authenticates your login. 

For example, the Cisco connector. Let’s say a user is trying to login to their Cisco Anyconnect VPN using the LoginTC authenticator app. First, the user will be prompted to type in their login credentials (username and password) into their Cisco VPN. Once accepted, the user has two options; 

  1. The user may press ‘1’ and receive a push notification to their device to approve or;
  2. Enter a valid One-Time Password code that is generated by the LoginTC authenticator app. 

In just two simple steps, the user has now successfully logged in using MFA and can now access their private or corporate information. This process also works for clientless access. 

LoginTC was developed with the user in mind. It takes away the friction that existing methods may have by looping the user into the authentication process in a simple way. LoginTC was made to be a scalable, secure system, to be able to handle billions of your everyday actions at a time. The goal of LoginTC is to be able to enable MFA on virtually any system that has a username and password. What differentiates LoginTC from other MFA solutions is that the user gets to see exactly where the login notification originated, and have contextual information being drawn in real time to allow the user to decide if they accept or reject the login. 

There are two problems in the user experience that seem to be issues when it comes to multi-factor authentication. Screen problem and the user problem. LoginTC solves both of these at the same time. LoginTC can not only work locally, but also nationally and globally. Whether your company is local, national, or global, you can ensure that each user is protected with Cisco VPN two factor authentication incorporated by LoginTC.

LoginTC is made to fit your existing infrastructure so there’s no need to change everything. If your company uses the Cisco VPN, LoginTC will just be an added addition in your security and work seamlessly with your infrastructure. 

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