Check Out The 5 Best Fighting Games For PC In 2020!

There is no better game genre than fighting. Being able to compete in a 1×1 frank match with your friends (or with strangers online) always yields moments of pure emotion. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the 5 best fighting games for PC below. All are available on Enjoy!

  1. Street Fighter V

Obviously a mandatory game on that list. Street Fighter V continues its tradition as the greatest fighting game franchise of all time. With incredibly difficult techniques to master, the game maintained the extremely difficult learning curve that is already common in previous titles.

 In addition to the improved graphics, the biggest differentiator of Street Fighter V is the new “V-bar”, a kind of super secondary bar that provides specific skills for each character. While for some it can be a blow, others can receive a bonus of damage, invulnerability or any other advantage.

  1. Mortal Kombat 11

The immortal Mortal Kombat. In its 11th version, the famous fighting game of Sub-Zero, Liu Kang, Scorpion and company is more sadistic, violent and scary than ever. With unprecedented quality graphics and a refined combos system, Mortal Kombat has never been as good as it is now. 

Mortal Kombat 11 differs from previous titles in that it is a slightly slower and tactical game. Combos need to be more thought out and the new super bar system requires you to manage your energy very well.

  1. Dragon Ball FighterZ

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is probably the best fighting game in the DragonBall series ever made (let’s leave Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot in the action RPG genre). With perspectives and mechanics almost identical to the Marvel vs. Capcom franchise games, Fighter Z even allows you to choose three different characters to compose your team. If you have played any MvC, you will have no problems here.

Dragon Ball Fighter Z has visuals identical to the anime, and each character had his personality faithfully portrayed in the game. In addition, for those who want to take a break in versus mode, the game also has a long campaign that features a new saga worthy of being in the anime.

  1. Injustice 2

Injustice 2 took a big leap in quality over the first game in the series. With an impeccable cast of DC heroes and villains, an extremely rich combo system and world-class graphics, Injustice 2 is undoubtedly one of the best fighting games today.

Among the main differences in relation to Injustice: Gods Among Us, Injustice 2 has a greater level of interaction with the environment during fights (you can use the scenario to cause damage to opponents), a significant increase in the pace of fights, in addition to several new mechanics that make the fighting much more dynamic. For example, you can use your energy bar in a variety of offensive and defensive ways, and this decision adds a new dimension to fighting.

  1. Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI was a triumphant return to one of the most acclaimed fighting games out there. Everything that made the series a success is still present in Soul Calibur VI, with the addition of incredibly good graphics and new mechanics that make fighting even more dynamic.

 In addition to the versus mode that makes the game a phenomenon, Soul Calibur VI has two very engaging solo campaigns that follow an RPG style. In it, you create your character and evolve it in the course of the story, being able to customize your attributes and equipment. The battles, of course, follow the style already known.

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