Charming Gender Neutral Baby Birth Announcement Ideas

The entry of a newborn baby into the family makes everyone happy. It becomes a moment of joy and celebration for everyone. If you have been blessed with a cute baby, congratulations. You are at the best place to find how to make an announcement. In this article, you will find multiple ideas to announce your baby’s entry.

Types of Announcement

Announcing your baby is something full of excitement. Few people want to announce it officially, while some people announce the news to their limited circle. Baby birth announcement is classified into formal announcements and social media announcements.

Formal Announcement

A formal announcement is when you print special cards and letters to let others know about the birth of your baby. This type of announcement is for officially updating your close ones. The cards are delivered to them and they get to know about the entry of a baby in your family.

Another good feature of formal announcements is that it helps in inviting specific people. You design a card and send it to those you want to update and invite. You can get different baby birth announcement templates here.

Social Media Post

This type of announcement is easier and preferred for a larger audience. You get to deliver your message to more people through one social media post. A social media post delivers your announcement to your social media family. 

This type of announcement is better to save the cost of designing cards and delivering them. All you need to do is update your status and let your favorite ones know about the good news. It is the best way to interact with your close ones on such occasions.

Social Media Ideas

You can post on social media in different ways. People use different ideas and plan to announce the moments of their happiness. Here, a few ideas are given to post on social media.

Long Caption With a Picture

Take a beautiful picture of your baby and post it. Along with the picture, also add a long caption about the announcement. This caption could be anything about the kid, quotes, or a simple announcement. A picture attracts people to read the post and they get to know about the event of your happiness.

Small One-line Caption With an Aesthetic Picture

Another way is to post the picture with a one-line caption. A short caption could be any quotation or anything which describes your happiness and the entry of the child. People do not bother to read a long written caption and ignore the post most of the time. Therefore, a one-line caption is the best way to make the announcement.

Small Clip With Name and dob Posted 

People also post a short video clip of their child instead of pictures. It is not a notable trend; however, posting a short clip can make your announcement unique. Any cute act of the baby can attract people’s attention. Instead of a long caption, you can post the clip and dob in the post.

Here is What You Need for a Formal announcement

If you want to announce your baby’s birth formally, you must consider the following essentials. Without these, you might fail to convey your message to targeted people.


You need photographs of your baby. These photographs must be aesthetic and perfectly captured. It brings smiles on people’s faces to see the pictures of cute babies. Therefore, before the formal announcement, take some perfect photos.


Add more than one picture and make a collage. We all see different adorable acts by babies. Capture them and add all of these poses in a collage. Instead of taking just one picture and using it, take many and choose the best ones. It will make your announcement more appealing. 

Correct Info

Add the correct name of the baby and the date of birth in the formal announcement. Mention the gender of the baby and also add something about his good health. This adds to the beauty of an announcement.

Print/Card Maker

Print a formal announcement card and send it over to your loved ones. This is one of the most important things you need for a formal announcement. You can design the whole idea, but a plan needs to be executed. Similarly, you need to print all the designs and photographs.

Final Thoughts

You can take any of these ideas to announce the birthday of newborn babies. Be it a formal or social media post, ensure that your message has reached the targeted audience.

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