Are Pokies Different To Slot Machines?

It can often feel like you are going through a learning curve when you start gambling online, for with such a huge and ever-growing range of games on offer, many of which you will never be heard of before or seen before, each game will offer something different.

That is certainly the case if slot machines are the type of casino game you actively play, and one question that I am often asked is just what are “pokies”. In layman’s terms they are simply any type of slot machine, and pokie machines are simply the name given to slot machines by players that are based in New Zealand.

They are not a unique type of slot machine, they are simply the name slots have been given by those players. As such, if you do tend to play these type of games then you will certainly come across a wide variety of pokies when playing at a casino site or casino venue that caters for players from New Zealand.

In fact, pokies and slot machines in general, have become so popular with players that the designers of such games are always eager to make their pokies with brand new playing structures and a whole host of exciting to play and potentially huge paying bonus games and features.

With that in mind, below I will take a look at some of the brand new innovations regarding pokies and slot machines, so do be on the lookout for ones that offer any of the features, bonus games or playing structures mentioned below, as you will certainly enjoy playing them.

But before I introduce you to the next generation of slot and pokie machines please do make sure that you check out the list of licensed online slot games here, for those games are certified as being fair and random, so you will always have the peace of mind in knowing you have a fair chance of winning when playing any of them.

All Ways and All Pays Pokies

The very earliest of pokie and slot machines were designed as simple three-reel slots, and when playing them, people would only have the option of putting into play one single pay-line, or in some case three or five pay-lines per spin.

However, when video pokies came along they offered players the ability of putting into play a much larger number of either optional pay-lines or would force players to put into play the maximum number of pay-lines any slot game offered, and those types of slots are known as fixed pay-line slots.

But, to give players the maximum chances of winning on every single spin they play, a brand-new range of what are known as All Pays or All Ways slots have been designed and can be played in any gaming environment.

Those slot machines allow people to play every possible permutation of pay-line that can be formed via the in-view reel symbols on each reel.

The main attraction for players of All Ways and All Pays slots is that they could have in play hundreds or even thousands of ways to win all for staking one small set increment of coins, such as 25, 50 or 75 coins per spin.

The way in which those pokies operate is that as long as you get, anywhere in view on consecutive reels starting on reel one, a matching reel symbol, then as long as you have enough of them in view from left to right you will be guaranteed of having them permed together in a winning combination!

Random Progressive Jackpot Pokies

Let’s face it, the main reason a player will ultimately get stuck into playing any type of pokie machine is to have the chance of winning a huge life changing slot game jackpot.

It is true to say that most pokies and slot machines do not offer mega-sized jackpots. However, the progressive jackpot slots and pokies can and do offer jackpots that could turn a player into a multi-millionaire if they ever are lucky enough to win one of them. It used to be the case, and not that long ago, that to have any chance of winning a progressive jackpot when playing slot machines, players would have been forced to have to play off each spin on such slots with the maximum stake in play.

That often resulted in such slots being rather expensive ones to play for any length of time, and as such that led to many slot game designers bringing out a brand-new progressive slot game playing structure.

Hence was born the new breed of random jackpot slots, and those types of gaming machines allow individuals to play them for any stake level they like, including for just pennies or cents per spin, but give those players the chance of winning a huge valued progressive jackpots which is awarded completely at random.

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