Can I Use A Game-Ready Ice Machine Pre-Game? Maybe – Read This First

If you know the benefits of using cold therapy to help recover and rejuvenate after an intern training session, game, or contact-heavy sport, you might be wondering – can I also use cold therapy pre-game? If you’re considering using cold therapy modalities pre-games, such as ice compression sleeves, ice packs, or cold tubs, you may be surprised to find out that this recovery method does not necessarily work as well when using before a match as it does after a match. Even though it can be especially beneficial for post-game recovery, helping to prevent inflammation, prevent injuries, and recover from exercise, these benefits are typically thwarted if you use this therapy modality pre-game – but why? Figure out here. 

Can I use a game-ready ice machine before the match? 

If you’re considering using cold therapy before a game, there are only limited circumstances in which using cold therapy and compression therapy pre-game can be helpful. Compared to heat therapy, which can help restore blood flow to your muscles and get your muscle lead to activate, you may find that heat therapy before a game can actually make your muscles stiff and not be able to produce force or move in the way you need them to. 

If you are considering using a game-ready ice machine before a game, you need to speak with your athletic trainer or a local psychotherapist to see why this can benefit you – or why it would harm your game. If you find that you have sore muscles, consider using another therapy and activation method to get your muscles ready to act and turn on before a game, instead of focusing on recovery. After all, recovery should be used post-game, whereas pre-game is meant for priming your muscles, getting them warm, and getting them flexible to workout and stretch. You can reach out to Source Fitness to know more about game-ready ice machines.

If you use cold therapy improperly, this can actually lead to injury and cause a hamper in your recovery. If you switch the heat and cold therapy method and use them opposites – such as cold therapy before a game and heat therapy after- this can actually wreak havoc on your muscles. For both forms of therapy, you need to make sure that you use the therapy modalities in the right way. For example, make sure you do not use the game-ready ice machine for too long or you use it on an unaffected area for prolonged periods. 

If you find that you have an exacerbated injury but you do not train in an hour or two, you can use a game-ready ice machine to help your muscles recover. A game-ready ice machine can be helpful for athletes who are in the middle of pre-season where they are doing two workouts a day. If your morning workout is at 8am and you use the game-ready machine at 10-am, you can then go training again in the afternoon – if you warm up your muscles properly before exercising. 


Using a game-ready ice machine is best post-workout – but in some cases, it can be used pre-workout. If you need to recover between training sessions, you can use a game-ready ice machine after workout number one and before workout number two – as long as you warm up properly before your next session. 

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