Buying A LoL Account Is Safe When Done Through The Proper Channels

League of Legends has become one of the world’s most popular games online with millions of players joining every month. This has increased demand for players wanting to get in on the action as quickly as possible by buying a LoL account to get ahead instead of spending countless hours trying to level up. However, buying a LoL is not risk-free.

Why LoL players came up with the idea of buying an LoL account? 

There are several reasons why LoL players came up with the idea of trading and selling accounts. The biggest reason is to make your gameplay more interesting by jumping into a certain rank instead of starting from scratch. You get instant access to exciting battles, more powers, accumulated points, and the ability to unlock access to a myriad of features.

Realistically, not everyone has time to spend in gaining the skill and experience to level up. So, buying a ranked account frees up your time while benefiting from having levels already achieved. There is also some prestige that comes with having a highly ranked LoL account, and it gives you the opportunity to play against the best and develop your skills quicker.

These are all great reasons why people choose to buy league of legends accounts.

Is buying LoL accounts safe?

Buying a LoL account offers a range of benefits and there are a lot of different websites out there that offer accounts for sale. While this may seem great initially, there are also reasons to be cautious so you are protected and your online security is not compromised.

Reasons to avoid eBay

eBay has a set of rules and regulations for different countries when it comes to selling and buying digital products. It’s policies only cover digitally delivered goods in specific categories and LoL accounts have little or no protection for both buyers and sellers. So, if you end up buying an account that you cannot access, you will not be able to reach out to eBay to help you recover your money.

Red Flags for Scams

With LoL becoming such a popular game, it has unfortunately attracted a lot of scams as well. While it’s not easy to distinguish between legitimate and dishonest, there are some clues you can look out for that will indicate if a website or seller has malicious intent.

  • The website doesn’t offer unverified emails

If you want to buy a LoL account but it has an email in use and doesn’t offer an unverified email, it will make it very difficult to change the email address to yours. This means your account can be taken back after you paid for it.

  •  The website is not secure

Another obvious sign is to look at the website’s security. In most cases, secure websites have the SSL security because it can be set up to steal credit card information. Legit sites will ensure they have the proper security in place to protect buyers and attract customers.

  • Limited payment methods

If a website offers payment methods that you’re not familiar with or they offer a very limited way of making payments, then it’s probably best to shop elsewhere. Gateways like Paypal are trusted but if there’s a listed method you never heard of, then don’t assume it’s authentic. Obscure payment merchants could be there to simply steal payment information and prevent recovery of money if anything goes awry with the purchase.

  • No Reviews

When a website has no customer reviews, it is a warning sign and they don’t want customers to notify anyone about their dodgy service. Websites that are legitimate with LoL account selling will want to boost business by encouraging customers to leave feedback and endorse the site. If there are reviews, take the time to read through them and if possible, contact previous buyers to get a feel of their experience.


The best and safest way to buy an LoL account is to invest in a bit of research. Never buy a LoL account from the first website that pops up in your search. Buying LoL accounts can be a safe exercise when done through a reputable seller like AussyELO: AussyELO Seller.

You want to find a website that offers the following for peace of mind:

  • Positive customer reviews
  • Full disclosure of the purchasing process.
  • Support availability and willingness to any questions that you may have.
  • Orders with an unverified email to gain full control over the account.
  • Instant delivery after payment.
  • Confidentiality of your details and throughout the process.
  • Guarantee of payment protection and refunds.
  • A good choice in trustworthy payment methods.

If you keep a lookout for these points and do the necessary homework, you will save yourself money and time. Playing League of Legends with a ranked account will bring you hours of great enjoyment, so be sure not to get caught out.

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