Business 101: How To Build Trust Online

To successful businesses, image is everything. These enterprises understand that it’s not enough to be known; your reputation must be without blemishes. This is especially true when transacting online. Without brick-and-mortar premises and friendly staff to act as the physical embodiment of your brand, customers must use other parameters to decide whether or not they can trust you.

This is important. Unless they feel confident handing their money over to your company, potential purchasers are not going to buy from you. For this reason, they’re likely to do their homework before ordering one of your products or investing in your services, which means a good reputation is everything.

According to statistics from Econsultancy, 61 percent of consumers read reviews before they buy. This demonstrates the importance of building trust online, but it doesn’t explain how you can go about doing it. That’s what this article is for. Read on to learn our top tips and tricks and use them to enhance your image and drive sales online.  

Encourage user reviews

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The thought of letting customers loose online can be daunting. You have no control over what they might say, meaning, if you mess up, they’re likely to go on the internet and share your shortcomings with the world. This is not a sufficient reason to try and avoid being reviewed.

As the statistics above demonstrate, the majority of customers check your company out online before making a purchase, and a lack of feedback will not endear them to your cause. For this reason, we suggest you encourage your purchasers to air their views on the service they receive.

There are two main places potential purchasers look for information: on specialist industry review sites and more generic feedback platforms. Let’s imagine you’re a casino business. To find a company they can trust, would-be gamblers will take a look at sites like These sites are designed to arm visitors with information on who is and isn’t reputable, with honest and well-researched comparisons easily available. they also compile further useful information, such as bonuses, so the reviewer can easily analyze the facts provided and evaluate which site is for them.

They might also check a website’s social media pages, where reviews are written by those who have purchased from the brand or used their services. The more feedback you have, the more trustworthy you seem, which is why you should urge your customers to let you know what they think – good or bad.

While a higher rating and glowing reviews will win customers to your cause, even negative feedback can be handy. We say this for two reasons. One, you can respond positively and proactively to resolve the issue, demonstrating your excellent customer service. Two, it makes you seem transparent. So, be sure to include a request for feedback with every purchase.  

Provide useful and informative content

Customer reviews are a great way to build trust online, but it’s not only what other people have to say that counts; you can use your own voice as well. One way to do this is by providing valuable content that informs, educates, or entertains your audience.   

To write content that will benefit your brand, think about what it would be useful for your customers to know. Do you find the same questions are asked on repeat? If so, write a blog or social media post that provides answers. Is there a specific part of the production process or a unique selling point your customers would be interested in? Then share this with them.

The aim is simple: you want to paint your brand as an absolute authority in their field. By doing so, you’ll seem professional, experienced, and like a company whose opinions and products can be trusted to deliver.  

Be present

Good customer service begins as soon as an individual shows an interest in your product and only ends when you’re satisfied they’re entirely happy with their purchase. To win their trust, you therefore need to be on hand to answer questions or queries at every point in the sales process.

One way to do this is by making sure your contact details are easy to find. Another is to invest in a chatbot. There are lots of ways this could benefit you, but foremost among them is that they’re available 24/7 and offer immediate answers. Even if your bot can’t answer a customer’s question straight off the bat, they can respond and make it clear you’ll be in touch ASAP.    

On that latter point, never leave customer queries sitting in your inbox. The first thing you should do every morning is check to see whether you have any questions or enquiries that need a response. Even if you don’t know the answer instantly, make a point of responding and letting them know this, making it clear you’ll get back to them as soon as you have more information.

Isn’t it time you put these tips to use to build trust in your brand?

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