Best VR Game Engine Software In 2020

The popularity of gaming as a whole has increased significantly over the past decade and we are now at a point where video games are regularly bringing in more revenue than blockbuster movies soon after their respective launches. The Virtual Reality gaming market also keeps enlarging and it’s expected to be worth over $22 billion in 2020. This is, without a doubt, the future of gaming. But there’s no need to be put off by the huge numbers involved. Anyone can get started with VR game development.

Whether you are an indie designer, an amateur, or even a big publisher, we have various engines which will make work successful. Most tools will allow you to create games once and publish them on any platform. Before choosing any VR platform game engines, please check the market. 

The top VR game engines 


This VR game engine can operate on all devices and on every platform like mobile gadgets, computers, embedded systems, and others. It even allows alt.ctrl.GDC exhibits to utilize it in making games for controllers and interacts with them.

Unity is among the Best JavaScript 3D Game Engines, and developers may also see the usefulness of this tool easily by going through some of its previous productions. Some of its productions include:

● Fat city

● Rust

● Satellite Reign

The strength of this VR tool is in the sheer count of designers encompassing those learning, indie companies, enthusiasts, and the big publishers worldwide. The tool has a web player that allows users to see 3D objects in a browser together with updates.

Unity VR engine also has chargeable and unpaid assets like plugins, tools, extensions, VR kits, and others. The tool even provides support for JavaScript and C# scripting languages.

Unreal engine

This is also one of the top VR game engines, which are also very creative. Developers may utilize it in creating and deploying book of ra 6 games in Android, iOS, HTC Vive SteamVR, PlayStation, Max OS, Windows computer, and more. 

This tool was the one used to create popular games such as Batman Arkham Asylum. The tool can be downloaded for free. Users have access to all its features, tools, and C++ source code. 

The unreal engine may be used without paying; however, users are required to give five percent royalty upon attaining a certain amount. 


This is the tool that Amazon uses to create its games. It is available for free; you will not be required to subscribe and pay any license cost to use it.

Lumberyard is designed with the technology stack, which encompasses Double Helix, CryEngine, and a full AWS stack encompassing Amazon GameLift. The engine supports OSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift.

Lumberyard can also be a perfect place to create online games, and you will never have to bother about hosting a complex production.

Game maker studio

This is a proprietary tool for the Yoyo gaming house. Its most recent version provides a wonderful visual editor. Advanced interactivity and logic may be included with GML, a very simple scripting language.

With this development engine, users can create a single source of their game and publish to various platforms such as Mac OS X, Ubuntu, PlayStation 3 and 4, HTML5, and iOS.

Game maker studio is a good alternative for people who are new to VR development or writing codes. It is used to create simple games, and its main features include:

● Physics engine: Box2D support

● Support for LiquidFun

● Game maker language

● Analytics for tracking and improving games

● CVS, GIT, and SVN for version control

● Flawless integration for in-app buying


This is among the many free game engines by the Crytek entity. This engine provides membership service at a normal cost, and it gains profit by offering access to learning and support. It also offers a place that highlights various materials, sounds, 3D items, and more resources.

The 1st VR initiative of this powerful game engine was a major move towards creating a worldwide designers’ network. This engine is additionally working with game companies and is even facilitating learning schools to create CryEngine VR laboratories of learners.


We believe that we have been able to make the process of choosing the best game engines simpler for developers. All these powerful engines we have talked about here provide good features for free, you will only be required to pay once you start making money. Also, you will need to pay if you require certain tools for publishing marketing and so forth. Please write to us if you have any questions or wish to comment on the game engines tools we have talked about in this article.

Author bio

Thomas Glare is a VR game developer. The engines he has described here are the ones he has tested and confirmed that they are the best ones to use. Apart from writing, he also loves talking to people about online businesses and how they can benefit from them.

The tool can be downloaded for free. Users have access to all its features, tools, and C++ source code.  The unreal engine may be used without paying; however, users are required to give five percent royalty upon attaining a certain amount.

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