Best Tips for E-Commerce Photography

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The world of e-commerce has experienced massive growth over the past few years. These days, people prefer shopping online thanks to the convenience and variety of products that e-commerce sites offer. However, for entrepreneurs, the competition for customers is stiff.

One sure method of standing out from the crowd is through quality product photos. Studies show that a good user interface will influence the customer to stay longer on your site and buy more products. You can hire professional product photography services from Squareshot.

On the other hand, you can make the most using your smartphone or any mid-range camera, and a few pieces of photography equipment. In this guide, we share tips to take your e-commerce photography to the next level.


Lighting is a significant factor when it comes to photography. Some people say that using natural light is the best. However, this will only limit you to doing photoshoots during the day. The golden hours for shooting using natural light are an hour after sunrise or one hour before sunset.

Artificial lights will help you have more control during the shoot. For starters, two softbox setups will improve your photography. You can use one light as the main source and the other for softening any shadows. The good thing with soft lights is that they don’t produce strong shadows.

Studio Equipment

Setting up a DIY studio will come in handy, especially if you do many product shoots. Smartphones have revamped the world of photography. Most top-range smartphones, for example the iPhone 13 series and the Google Pixel, have the best cameras.

Next, you will need a tripod to ensure that your shots are steady. Moreover, the tripod will also help you take many photos of the same product from different angles.

As mentioned before, lighting is also an essential part. You can go for two identical softbox setups. Also, get a table or a flat surface for placing your products. This will help you maintain consistency even when taking photos at different angles.

The last thing you should go for is a white backdrop, also known as a white sweep. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can make use of a white poster board or manilla paper. Pin the paper on the table and wall to create a consistent white background.

Editing Software or App

Good product shots can be uploaded directly to your e-commerce site without any editing. However, editing can help you add extra sauce to your photos. In addition, when it comes to e-commerce photography, some people steal pictures from other sites. You can use an editing app to add watermarks to your product photos.

One of the best editing apps is Adobe Photoshop. Even though it is premium software, it comes with some excellent tools for editing your photos. You can also try Snapseed, which is available on all platforms including iOS and Android for free.

Wrapping Up

A basic DIY studio will help take your e-commerce photography game to the next level. Also, watch tutorials on YouTube about photography and photo editing. Good product photos will drive more traffic to your e-commerce site and boost sales.

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