Best Games Available On iPhone

The iPhone is a true Swiss knife of modern communications. It’s not by chance these gadgets have completely changed the way people communicate, over the last decade. But if you think the Apple iPhone XR is only useful to interact with other human beings, you’re really not getting the most of your device.

There is a massive diversity of entertainment options available on the iPhone, and gaming is one of the most popular. From casual games that won’t take more than a few minutes at a time, to complex titles that involve a steep learning curve and will keep you engaged for months, there is much to choose from.

We decided to use this article to compile some of the most popular games available on the Apple iPhone XR. Why not try out some of these during your next break from work?

Into the Dead 2

A zombie survival game with fast-paced action, incredible graphics, and an intense narrative that really keeps you engaged as you go through the bite-sized action-packed levels. This game is categorized as an “endless runner”: your character keeps running non-stop through the levels while you focus on shooting down the bad guys by tapping on the screen, along with avoiding obstacles and surviving.


If you’d rather play a more cerebral game that feels more like reading a novel than watching a horror flick, Reigns could be the right title for you. This game plays like a cross between Tinder in and choose-your-own-adventure fantasy novels; you join the adventure as a king looking to run his realms in the best possible way, trying to make the best possible decisions by swiping left and right.

The Witness

For anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and exploring mysterious landscapes rendered in state of the art graphics, this game will strike a chord. With over 500 puzzles to solve and a massive island to explore, you will spend this game trying to unravel the overarching mystery that caused your character to become stranded and amnesic.

Old Man’s Journey

Playing this game feels like going through an animated picture book with gorgeous artwork and very ingenious interactivity. You follow the captivating story of the titular old man as he goes through his adventure, and as the narrative unfolds you’re invited to step in and solve environmental puzzles that will allow the protagonist to follow his course.

Battleheart 2

Here’s the sequel to a game that reinvented the Japanese RPG (role-playing game) for the iPhone. In this frenetic title, you’ll control a team of warriors as they go through the motions of fantasy combat, while you manage all their attacks and inventories and do the best you can to make it through the increasingly harder enemies.

This title plays very much like an old-school turn-based role-playing game, but it introduces many interesting innovations and uses a very modern and dynamic art style.


If you used to like playing Tetris back in the day, this game is one of its most popular spiritual successors. With clean minimalist modern graphics and straightforward puzzles to go through, this is one of those games that is very easy to learn and very hard to master! The self-contained missions involve shooting blocks until they disappear, which is harder than it sounds before you have an increasingly limited number of shots as you go through the many available levels.

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