Avoid Getting Instagram Wrong

Whether you are new to the social media platform or are a seasoned expert it is always helpful to know what you should avoid doing on there so that you do not upset any of your followers and risk losing them, and so that you can continue to build a bigger and more engaged audience. Other ways of doing this include using the organic Instagram growth service and the automation tool provided by SocialMeep.

How to use hashtags

Anyone that uses Instagram is fully aware of how important hashtags are on the platform. Used right, they can massively increase the visibility of a post. This means using between 7 and 10 of them on each and every post. Using any more than this is considered spammy and overkill. Of the hashtags that you do use, make sure that at least 5 of them are highly relevant to the post, with the remaining ones being more general/generic ones.

Using popular hashtags, such as #love or #tagforlikes, in a post even though they are not relevant, will not have the effect that you may think of reaching new followers. All that will happen with this is that you will alienate potential followers.

Interacting with comments

If users take time out of their day to comment on one of your posts or even ask a question, then it is only right that you give them the attention that they deserve and respond to them. In order to stay on top of these, it is important that you regularly check your smartphone for Instagram notifications. When responding, you should always tag in the account that the comment/questions have come from, thank them, then produce a response. Doing this regularly will work to really improve your relationship with all of your followers.

Never steal other’s content

Regardless of how envious of someone else’s photos that you may be, you should never steal them and post them as your own. In any cases where you want to use content that has been generated by another user, you should always tag them in it. Using the correct attribution is an absolute must on Instagram…or any other social media platform, period. To help you do this, there are a number of third party applications currently available to download and install on your smart phone.

Similarly, you should not use images that you have simply pulled off of a search engine, such as from Google. Instagram is a platform designed for users to share their own content that they have generated themselves.

Go easy on the selfies

As hard as it may be for some individuals, you should not overdo it with posting countless selfies, no matter how different they appear to be. You will find that most users prefer to see a wider array of content, rather than just countless pictures of your face.

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