Amazon’s Rewards For Sellers Offering Excellent Customer Service

The first thing to know about Amazon is that it is popularly known as the no.1 customer-centric platform in the world and there are some pretty serious guidelines in place for sellers to follow while dealing with customers. Yes, sometimes it does get a little hectic to handle customer issues especially when they are reactive or rude. However, it has its advantages. While Amazon is all about customers, it does reward its sellers if they succeed in making the customers happy. How? Well you won’t really get coupons and discounts like buyers do- but how about getting all the attention from customers and earning a maximum profit?

If you are a seller on Amazon, then you need to strongly focus on satisfying your customers by providing the best customer service possible. Here are a few reasons why you must provide excellent customer service on Amazon.

          Better sales

For Amazon sellers, providing excellent customer service = getting maximum sales. It takes a huge amount of serious hands-on work to build a solid brand reputation on Amazon. However, once you get a hold of it and start giving customers an excellent shopping experience, you end up getting popular on the website and start earning more sales. You might be confused as to how customer service helps you earn maximum sales. Well, when you start offering fast shipping, listen to their issues, solve their problems and deliver top quality products, this is how they react:

1.      They start making repeat purchases!

Amazon gives you a perfect opportunity to build your customer base. When you succeed in satisfying your customers by providing them with excellent customer service, they are more likely to visit your store again and shop for the same product or service. This means that your business will have buyers who are loyal to your brand. Even when other sellers are offering similar products like yours, your way of dealing with customers sets you apart and makes them shop from you again. Such customers are less likely to check out other stores and shop around. They come straight to you because they know they’re going to get great products as well as the best customer experience.

2.      They start to talk about you more!

Happy and loyal customers start recommending your Amazon brand to their friends, relatives, and others through word of mouth or even by leaving reviews on social media as well as your product page. When they start telling others about their experience and how they got exactly what they needed, it increases the urge in others to experience shopping from your brand as well. Everybody loves a good recommendation. Why? Because it suggests that somebody we trust had a pleasant experience, and we want to try it too! Moreover, did you know that 79% of the users visit Amazon to check product reviews? (Finance Online-2020) and when they do find a product page that has the best reviews, they end up buying from that store too! It’s a win-win situation.

3.      You win the Buy Box!

Buy Box is the game-changer on Amazon. Getting your hands on the Buy Box means becoming a featured seller and once you win it, you start getting 80% of the sales on the site. However, it’s not that easy to win it. There is a common myth that Amazon only notices the product prices before assigning the Buy Box to sellers. Most of the Amazon sellers end up focusing on their product prices (which is equally important and you’ve got the best Amazon repricing tool to help you with it) and ignore other factors that are taken into account by Amazon, such as seller rating, product reviews, shipping time, order defect rate, etc. However, excellent customer service helps you excel in all the above-mentioned factors. Providing the best customer service means you are delivering top-quality products, at the best rates, in minimum shipping time. Amazon notices your performance and prefers you over other sellers.

          What does it lead to? MAXIMUM PROFITS!

Increased sales, and eventually winning the Buy Box helps you maximize your profits on Amazon. When you have a solid customer base that trusts you and shops from you every time, you don’t even have to worry about the profits. Even if your business has a good reputation, you can charge higher prices than other sellers with poor reputations. This can help you earn more profit. However, make sure to use an Amazon repricing tool to help you keep your product prices competitive. The right Amazon repricing software will increase your product prices as soon as your competitor runs out of stock or gets bad reviews. You will be able to encash the opportunity the right way!

          In Conclusion,

Providing outstanding customer service has its own advantages. You get increased sales and Buy Box as a gift from Amazon, which helps you earn more money. If your doubts are cleared on why it is important to focus on customer service on Amazon, then start working on it now!

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