5 Legitimate Ways To Earn Money Online

The idea of working from home sounds terrific. Being able to stay in your home, in your pajamas and make money seems like a wonderful dream. But is it possible? Can you make enough money to survive from sitting at your computer? The answer is a resounding yes!

Making money online is nowhere near as difficult as it seems. With several avenues to take like writing, tutoring, or even completing simple tasks like online surveys you can have multiple sources of income and ways to earn money online.

Working from home also comes with plenty of added benefits. Quick access to food, restrooms, and your favorite snuggly blanket will make this the most comfortable work environment you’ve ever had. Working from home also eliminates the time-wasting office banter and distractions from coworkers. No long commute, no uncomfortable office clothing. Just you, your computer, and your favorite pair of sweats.

1. Earn Money Online By Selling Services

Marketing yourself as a freelancer has become a whole new game within the last decade. We no longer need to search for days on end to find people to complete the tasks we may not want

to do, or may not have the time to do. Even the simplest of tasks like walking a strangers dog can now be scheduled and completed without having to interact with the stranger in person at all.

This market is something a hard working individual can cash in on. You get to make others lives a bit easier and perhaps do a task you enjoy while making decent money. Now, precisely what task will you do? Here are a few ideas and talents that you could make some serious cash:

● Creative Services (writing/proofreading)

● Tutoring

● Wedding and Event Planning

● Travel Planning

● Bookkeeping

● Virtual Assistant Services

Not all of your money making methods need to be entirely from home either. Many people will look online for individuals interested in helping the in physical tasks. Clearing land, cleaning houses, and pet sitting, are all very common tasks that busy people need help with. These tasks can be useful for individuals that want to get outside of their home to work while still avoiding the corporate world and still being your own boss. Help them out with their tasks and get some cash in your pocket.

2. Earn Money Online By Selling Your Stuff

If your goal of removing yourself from the grind of a 9-5 job is to have more freedom and flexibility in your life, selling your unused belongings can help you on the path to that simpler life. We all have those things we like to hold on to like small knick-knacks, 30 traveling mugs, that dress you haven’t worn in years and even that dusty chair in your basement.

By taking the time to go through your belongings, you can find that you have something that could be very useful to others and very lucrative for you. However, if these items continue sitting collecting cobwebs, they aren’t helping anybody. Reducing the number of ‘things’ you have can also help you downsize your living space. If you do end up moving into a smaller apartment or home, you could save hundreds monthly!

Check our platforms like, LetGo and Craigslist and see which one works best for getting rid of your old belongings. Each one has its own niche. For example, if you are clearing out space in your overflowing closet PoshMarks is the best options as opposed to LetGo which is more famous for furniture sales.

3. Make Money Blogging

Blogging and Vlogging have become the newest trend for making money from home, or while traveling abroad! People love watching others talk about their real-life experiences. Whether the viewer is watching to learn more about the world or just become infatuated with your personality, each of those viewers can bring you money.

Blog writing is all about attracting readers or viewers and keeping their attention. So, how can you perfect on your content to start pulling in some dollars? It’s all about monetization. There’s a lot of strategies that go into blogging and growing your online presence and being able to cash in on the process. You can also earn money blogging by talking about specific products or services while utilizing tracking links.

You do this by redirecting your readers to the website(s) you partner with, and when a purchase is made from your link, you will get a commission. By merely writing about topics, reviewing products and pointing readers in the right direction, you can earn some serious cash. Another great way to gain new subscribers or bring more traffic to your site is with guest blogging.

You can feature another writer to attract new followers or contribute a piece for another writers blog. This will benefit you both by combining subscribers from each other and helping your online presence grow. To become a successful blogger, you will need to participate in plenty of these partnerships and affiliate programs.

Bear in mind, however, that there is a fine line between accepting opportunities that you believe in and painting yourself in a false light. You don’t want to portray yourself as a sellout who only produces weightless content to make some extra bucks.

For example, there are thousands of affiliate programs that are willing to pay you quite a fortune for your leads and sales. Unfortunately, these affiliate programs will most likely be spammy casino sites, something cryptocurrency related, loans, insurances, etc. While the opportunity is there, it wouldn’t look good on your website and your image as a blogger.

4. Earn Money Online Doing Surveys

While taking online surveys won’t have you rolling in the dough, dabbling in it can add up for a little extra spending cash. If you happen to have some free time to kill, you might as well make some money while doing so. Not to mention- plenty of websites out there will pay you for your opinion.

Simple tasks such as taking surveys, testing products or watching videos help provide companies with a real consumer response; this plays a significant role in the marketing industry. Creators and developers want to know how the general public receives what they put out. This provides them with feedback on what they’re doing right but more importantly, what they’re doing wrong.

Knowing these things can help them improve their products for you! Not only can you earn some extra cash but you can also take advantage of some pretty cool rewards such as gift cards, sweepstakes drawings, and more. As with anything online, you need to move with caution. There are some sketchy sites out there that ask for money and end up being huge scams. Check out these legitimate websites, and you can earn money for your opinions:

● InboxDollars

● Swag Bucks

● Pinecone Research

● My Survey

● Pro Opinion

5. Earn Money Online Streaming

Live streaming has become very popular in recent years. This concept gives anyone and everyone the chance to stream live content and get paid for doing so. If you think you need to be a highly skilled creator like YouTubes finest, think again. Live streaming requires minimal effort, and we mean that in the best way possible.

All you have to do is share whatever it is that you’re doing with your audience. It might sound crazy but trust us, people will watch! Whether it’s gaming, painting, singing, ranting or acting a fool, people want to see it! We aren’t exactly sure why, but it seems to be working.

There are plenty of streaming sites out there. For example, Twitch is a platform which used to be primarily for gamers who wanted to stream their live gameplay. People join the stream to watch the gamer and learn their tricks and listen to their witty remarks. It’s not only gamers on Twitch now, and the market is opening up for anyone who is ‘interesting’ to the viewers.

So where does the money come in? Well, you can start by receiving viewer donations. Some people want to support you if they take a liking to you. If you become very popular, you can begin to require a viewing or subscription fee. Then, the simplest method- running ad’s during your live stream.


As you can see, there are all sorts of ways to make money from home. It just requires some extra work and proper discipline of your time. Making money from home offers many benefits, and everyone will benefit differently from it. We all have our personal preferences, and having the freedom to tailor our work life to be perfect for our lives is a luxury we all want to have. Try your hand at these online money-making methods and see just how much you can make.

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