All You Need To Know About Mobile Application Testing

This is the era of digitalization and mobile applications occupy an important place in the world of digitalization. Today, there are a lot of different apps available on the internet which can be used for different purposes. Choosing and keeping the best and most useful apps on your phone is a difficult task in itself because anyone doesn’t want to keep an application in his smartphone which is not at all useful or is having any kind of problem in performing the task which it is supposed to perform.

But the concept of mobile application testing is the only method that has eliminated the chances of having bad quality mobile applications over the internet. In the article, we are going to discuss that every bit of information about the mobile application testing which you should know about. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

What is mobile application testing?

The number of mobile applications, whether business-related or those created for fun, has increased to a huge extent. Every application user wants to install a good quality application for doing or performing the task which he was expecting from the concerned application to perform. Basically, a good quality mobile application is what he wants. But it is not easy for the customers to identify whether the quality of the application, available on the internet, is good or not. This is the reason why those mobile applications are tested for their quality before they are officially launched by the respective app developers. So, mobile application testing is a procedure under which a newly developed app is tested for its usability, functionality, and consistency.

Mobile application testing is a crucial part of the application development procedure. In today’s era, where the number of smartphone devices has increased to a crazy level, it is necessary to develop the different types of mobile applications in order to cater to the different types of customers.

Major approaches used for the mobile application testing

The following are the main two approaches that are used in order to conduct mobile application testing. These are:

Manual testing

This is the type of testing in which the human efforts are involved. The manual testing approach is basically user-centric under which the main focus is on explorative ways of monitoring. The app is basically tested for its usability, which means checking whether the app is able to perform the predetermined task in the required manner and with the required efficiency and ease or not. Moreover, the app is also tested for its appearance as well for its layout.

Automated testing

Under this approach, the mobile application is done with the help of some automatic testing programs which increases the chances of the accuracy and also helps in testing more than one apps in one time. This type of approach is very much useful in automating the testing of the cases in which the results are predictable.

Usually, there are a number of mobile application testing players available in the market, but PCloudy is a name that has generated much reputation in the market through its quality services. PCloudy is a cloud-based mobile application testing platform, which helps in testing the newly developed mobile applications, whether iOS or Android, on remote REAL devices.

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