Pressure Washer Detergents: A Comprehensive Guide

pressure washer detergents can make your power washing project more effective and faster

What You Need To Know About Pressure Washer Detergent

A pressure washer is convenient cleaning equipment that you can use on a wide range of cleaning jobs. It allows you to easily eradicate dirt from your property, vehicles, and even common home or garden items. There’s no denying that these machines are great. Nonetheless, blasting power is often not enough to eradicate stubborn dirt. So if you want to get the most out of your washer, you must invest in the best pressure washer detergents. You can speed up the pressure cleaning process with soap and detergents and make your tasks even easier.

In terms of pressure washer detergents, you have a lot of options in the market. On top of that, each one available does a different job. So when deciding which one to get, make sure to choose the product that can best take care of the cleaning jobs you have in mind.

pressure washer detergents can make your power washing project more effective and faster

Difference Between Detergent And Soap

Detergent is made up of chemicals and perfect for washing your clothing. Soap, on the other hand, is a form of detergent and excellent at removing natural stains. Mixing it with water can break down and dissolve debris, filth, and stains from the surfaces you’re washing.

Soap is usually made from natural products, including oils and fats from plants or animals. Meanwhile, detergents may also include enzymes.

Which One Should I Use For My Pressure Washer?

Pressure washer detergents are made with various kinds of ingredients. Some are natural, while some are chemicals. For rust removal, look for those that contain oxalic acid. Ammonia is ideal for washing glass and steel, while bleach is a superb sanitizer. To take care of grease, look for a cleaning agent with sodium hydroxide. Meanwhile, sodium hypochlorite is a great disinfectant and at removing stains. Your detergent should vary based on what type of cold water pressure washers you’re using. 

As much as possible, avoid detergents and soaps that are harmful to the environment. In some cases, be cautious when using them. Likewise, make sure to read the label of the product to see if its chemical ingredients are safe for the environment and your skin. Additionally, opt for a detergent suitable for the surfaces you’ll wash and avoid using commercial ones because they’re a lot stronger.

pressure washer detergents can make your power washing project more effective and faster

Usually, you don’t have to worry about chemical contamination when using soaps. They are made from biodegradable materials that can be easily washed and go down the storm drains. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to utilize soap with hard and untreated water. Doing so will produce calcium carbonate, which can leave your surfaces with ugly solid calcium carbonate traces.

On the other hand, detergents will not leave any residue on your surfaces. You can often combine natural soap with a synthetic detergent to create an even more powerful cleaning solution.

Types Of Power Washer Detergents

Some detergents may not create a lot of foam. Certain applications require more foam, such as cleaning your car. However, less foam may be what you want in some instances like when you’re washing your driveway. Hence, you need to check if it can provide the amount of foam you need.

Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that it is not a good idea to utilize dish soaps with your machine. The last thing you want is to hurt anyone’s eyes accidentally, including yours and your pet’s. 

This is not an issue for some homeowners, and they believe that any concentrated soap in a pouch can do the trick. But this can be a hassle since you have to figure out the right water to pouch ratio. So it may be best to simply stick with concentrated detergents specifically made for pressure washers.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Cleaning Solution

Detergents or soaps are essential when we’re cleaning our property. Some things like grease or oil stain are nearly impossible to remove using plain water. Thereby, you need the help of these cleaning solutions. 

pressure washer detergents can make your power washing project more effective and faster

In general, all-purpose detergents can be enough. But if you want the best possible results, choose a pressure washer detergent made for specific applications. 

With that in mind, here are some things to remember when looking for the best cleaning agent for specific surfaces:

  • Household detergents are excellent for pressure washing your home’s sidings since it’ll eliminate grime without fading color.
  • Detergents for fence and deck are ideal for eliminating dirt from wood and grass stains.
  • Your driveway requires a cleaning solution that can handle oil stains.
  • Cars and other types of vehicles need a detergent capable of removing both road filth and dead bugs.
  • If you own a boat, opt for a boat detergent that can wash algae deposits off of your pride and joy.
  • Foamy washer detergents will work well on concrete surfaces but not on your car.

Keep in mind that using a dishwashing soap may sting the eyes of people or pets nearby. Also, you need to dilute a concentrated cleaning solution with water.

When choosing the right pressure washer detergent or soap, consider opting for reputable brands. Make sure to do your research first and read reviews online. Aside from learning everything about a certain product, learn how you can apply it, and on what types of surfaces. And to maintain the product’s authenticity, buy from a reliable shop, whether online or in your local garden supply store.

How To Pressure Wash With Detergent

  • Power washer detergents cleanse deeper stains. So before washing with a detergent, remove any loose debris and filth first using your unit. 
  • Utilize a low-pressure nozzle.
  • Spray upward and in an overlapping pattern to ensure there won’t be any streaks or missed spots.
  • Wait for at least five to ten minutes before rinsing, but don’t leave the detergent to dry.
  • Flush any detergent left in your machine.
  • Switch to a high-pressure nozzle and wash your surface.
  • Begin rinsing from the top to avoid streaks.

Most soaps and detergents available today are biodegradable. Still, consider spraying the surrounding areas with clean water to get rid of the cleaning solution from plants and other surrounding items.

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