A Comprehensive Comparison Between Netchex And Gusto

The induction of payroll software programs into the system of automating the payment structure for the employees has made the lives of HR divisions so much easier. They do not have to assign the payment to each employee individually anymore. The task has now the capability to be performed by the payroll software solutions that use exceptionally well-managed systems in order to fully automate the whole process. This is why many organizations are now able to focus more on the more important aspects of their businesses rather than being kept by the mundane tasks.

All the best payroll software of 2021 offers a degree of adaptability and freedom while also making sure that there are no errors in the process and it is maximized when it comes to quickly finish the tasks. Though, it also means that the choices available for such payroll software have drastically increased. How do you decide which one to choose for your business? While the basic functionality remains the same, there are certain key differences between these options that can matter a lot in the long run. 

Our helpful guide will take care of this decision for you by comparing the two of the best payroll software companies available at the market – Netchex, and Gusto.


Gusto is a payroll software company that provides easy processing of the employees’ salaries. It is specially tailored for small-scale business environments and works best where the workers’ turnout is less than 100 people.


Gusto is an easy-to-use cloud-based HR software. It keeps the employees’ records thoroughly checked, providing good automation to the tasks of assigning salaries. The reports feature allows for great customizability and it also has mobile access for the purpose of ease and portability. The user interface is a highly focused attribute of Gusto as it is clean and makes for a great experience. An ‘easy to hire and fire’ approach that it offers to its customers makes them interested in the product. 


Gusto offers its users a feature-based pricing system. This means that even after a high starting price of $25 per month, the price can increase up to $45 per month depending upon the features you decide to buy. This makes it significantly more expensive than its alternative Netchex.

Some users have reported that it does not feature the organization of reports and customer support is lacking, to say the least. Moreover, there is also reduced consistency in the format of the service.


Netchex is also an entirely web-based platform that offers a unique dashboard system to its users. It is being used in many mid-sized businesses and offers a wide array of services when it comes to assigning the employees their salaries. It can support organizations with well over 1000 employees.


Netchex’s amazingly kept dashboard system makes it stand out among payroll software companies. It keeps the HR department connected to the employees of the company in real-time. Starting at only $12 a month, it provides an appreciably high value for its money when compared to Gusto.

The most astounding feature of Netchex, however, is its remarkable customer support service. The staff members handle queries very professionally, while also keeping a friendly approach to their user interface so that the customers feel welcomed and satisfied on all levels. This helpful service when combined with the availability of excellent customization options makes Netchex a spectacular experience for its price.


The only downside to using Netchex is the absence of a two-factor authorization system for its login process. However, for a web-based application that does not provide an offline linkage, this can be ignored especially due to the excellent user interface of the software. Nonetheless, the lack of a mobile platform can be a problem for some users.

Final Verdict

Netchex has proved to be the ultimate winner of this comparison with Gusto. The sheer number of features available even in the starting subscriptions and the wide coverage area means that the range of companies that can enjoy its services is very vast. Moreover, Netchex being supported by an extraordinary customer service staff pushes it as a victor against all the top online payroll softwares. The high user ratings speak for themselves, the same of which cannot be said for Gusto. Hence, Netchex is the best choice for all your requirements as a payroll software program. 

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