A Brief Guide to Social Casino Market

Moving from real money gaming into more of the social casinos have been gaining popularity for the last few years. More and more gamers become active in social casinos rather in real gaming. We can surely claim, that the social gambling world is one of the top current trends on the market. So, what is social casino represented with?

1. Social Casino Explanation and Exploitation

Social casino gaming is represented by social platforms like Facebook, allowing customers to recreate playing experiences of a live casino. This means the same methods and ways using the same slot machines and roulette tables.

The social casino is definitely a huge trend now. Many developers and operators use the chance to carry their gaming business onto online platforms. But only a few do it well. This happens because you have to find the right company to help you to take care of creating, selling, and customizing at the same time.

For example, the following developer is one of those, who take care of the best casino software solutions evenbetgaming.com for your platform and take into account the user’s’ preferences to make their gambling experience as enjoyable as possible. The company’s team, which consists of testers and developers, follows the platform from the very first step to the

point where the social casino platform doesn’t need any improvements and additional customer’s features.

2. Social Casino Updates

-The Volume of the Market

What’s happening right now in the social casino market is a huge splash in the fast-growing industry. Only three years ago, social casino market was in the very beginning. That time its revenue was over 2 billion dollars. With the next few years, this number has become twice and three times bigger.


The social casino audience is very diverse. It covers the average age of 30 and 40 years old users. At the same time, the audience of real casinos is much younger (20-30).

Social casino market is represented by 3 main categories: poker, slots, and bingo. Slots and bingo games in social casinos attract younger generation while poker games are more interesting for the older customers.

-Social Casino Gaming in 2017

Like in any other industry, the crucial thing about the social casino is content. When social casino market was in the very beginning of its prosperity, content wasn’t taking the first place. In 2017, the content is a primary issue. For now, the main trend is to recreate the real casino experiences on the mobile devices.

Good content and real-based gambling experience is the must for any successful social casino. You should realize that mobile experience definitely takes over the desktop one. And a social casino is a living example of this. At the same time, a social casino is still perceived as the main tool to grow the audience and to extend the brand in some way.

The main advantage of social casino gaming is that policies it operates under are regulated by the platforms themselves. There’s no such thing like needing to adhere to some kind of legal procedures or getting approved by government bodies as the winnings have no real monetary value. This means that in the social casino gambling the only thing that matters is the level of fun from the process.

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