7 ways To Fall Asleep Fast

Sleeping is important for human health. It helps humans feel good and proper rest will make your body and brain function properly. Sleeping is very easy for some people and they have no problem when they want to sleep, but the reverse is the case for some people.

Some people suffer insomnia, a condition where people find it difficult to sleep at night. Lack of sleep is very bad for human health and can cause many ailments such as loss of memory, headache, and mood swings. People take some drugs to make them feel sleepy, CBD oils have been used by so many people suffering from insomnia. 

The national sleep foundation claims that it should take between 10 to 20 minutes for an average person to fall asleep. If it takes you longer than that, there might be other factors contributing to your lack of sleep.

Below are some of the tested and trusted data to make you fall asleep faster.

1: Find the mattress and Bedding that is right for you: Not sleeping on the mattress or bedding that is unique for your body and sleep type, then no amount of tips and tricks will bring you to your full sleep health potential. 

There are some rules and courses that you can take to help you discover the type of mattress and bedding that is suitable for your body, for example, side sleepers typically need a soft mattress and a firm pillow while stomach sleepers need a firmer mattress and a soft pillow. 

Everybody has a different sleeping style, so you should study your sleeping style and get a mattress and blessing that is suitable for you.

2: Sleep in a colder environment: Your thermal environment, especially surrounding your head and body is perhaps the most underappreciated factor determining not only the ease with which you fall asleep at night but also your sleep quality.

Whether you are overheating because of your bedding or a hot room, this has been shown to decrease sleep wave sleep and Rem sleep. For your body to initiate sleep, your body has to drop to 1.5*c, so being colder brings your temperature down faster.

Although your room should not get too cold when you are about to sleep too, a hot room does not help you sleep at all. So, when you are about to sleep, get your sleeping environment colder to suit your body.

3: Take a hot bath or shower before you sleep: You might think being warm is what it takes for someone to fall asleep faster, but it’s actually kind of the opposite. When you are exposed to a hot room, the body can’t hold onto the heat and therefore sends blood to the surface of the skin giving you that flushed red appearance. 

So, after your bath, you should be able to sleep very well. 

4: Put away the clock: When you have a wall clock hanging in your room, you can easily look up and see the time and find out how much you haven’t slept. This is not helpful and honestly would only stress you out. 

In fact, monitoring is strongly linked to stress and waking arousal. So, the best thing to do if you find it difficult to sleep at night is put away the clock.

5: Avoid Caffeine before sleep: You should avoid caffeine and nicotine, coffee, colas, and even chocolate can take up to 8 hours before they wear out fully and nicotine is a stimulant. So, avoid taking them very late in the night.

Also, avoid eating when you are about to sleep, some studies show that avoiding diets that are excessively biased towards carbs will help. It’s better to just avoid being too hungry or too full before bed. 

6: Exercise: Exercising and being physically tired can help you fall asleep faster. But working out 2-3 hours can keep you up longer. So, it’s better to work out in the morning or any time before 4 pm.

You should be careful about the exercise you do so as not to get yourself injured. When you get injured and feel pain, it might be difficult to fall asleep at night.

7: Relax before bed: When it’s time to sleep, make sure you are not wired or thinking about another thing or else your brains just won’t be ready to rest. A relaxing activity within the hour before bed like reading is the perfect ritual to put you in the right state of mindset.

Conclusion: Getting enough sleep is very important for a proper mindset and for your brain to function properly. If you find it difficult to sleep, feel free to try any of our researched ways listed above and you will be glad you did. You can also take CBD oils as it helps reduce anxiety and allow you sleep very well. Apart from sleeping well to maintain good health, you should also take care of your dental health! If you’re facing dental issues like tooth infection, you should extract your teeth at a Dentist washington heights.

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