7 Most Popular And Best Weight Gainers In India 2020

Gaining weight can be quite a task for people who fail despite eating everything. Such individuals have a high metabolism that allows their bodies to burn more calories than average individuals. This makes it difficult for them to gain weight as to put on the extra kilos, you need to consume more than what you burn. Such people’s body burn more calories and this stops them from gaining weight.

If you are one of those people, we totally get you. But, here’s the good news. Gaining weight might be a little tough but not impossible. With the combination of the right diet, workouts, and supplements like weight gainer, it’s possible. While there are many weight gainers available out there, not each one of them lives up to the claim. The reason is that many such supplements have ingredients like added sugar, preservatives, anabolic steroids, etc., that are not good for your health.

If you are not able to decide which weight gainer to choose, this article is going to help you as we have listed down some of the best weight gainers in India that can help you reach your ideal weight and build an impressive physique.

7 top weight gainers in India

MuscleBlaze Weight Gainer with Added Digezyme

This is the best weight gainer in India that has a highly effective blend of carbs, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals that work together to let you achieve your ideal weight. Each serving of this weight gain formula fuels you with 387g calories to boost healthy weight gain. Each serving fuels you with 12g protein and 1.5g fiber that helps in boosting muscle synthesis and keeps you energized throughout the day. It is suitable for both men and women. It has a blend of 5 digestive enzymes to boost the absorption of nutrients and digestion.

GNC Pro Performance Weight Gainer

This advanced weight gainer by GNC supports healthy weight gain in lean individuals. It helps in carbs and protein breakdown. Each serving of this weight gain formula enriches you with 1872 calories along with 50g protein. It is packed with 15 vitamins and minerals to boost your overall health and fulfill your daily micronutrient needs. It has BCAA that helps in boosting muscle protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown while you are working out. It also speeds up the recovery process.

Guardian Bigbolt Weight Gainer

This is one of the best weight gainers available in the market. It fuels you with the surplus calories needed for a healthy weight gain. 3 scoops of this weight gainer offer 2200 calories, 73g protein, and 440g carbs. It has a blend of 3 protein sources- whey protein concentrate, whey isolate, and calcium caseinate. It is an ideal choice for fitness lovers who want o bulk up. To boost digestion and absorption of nutrients, this product comes with a blend of 6 types of enzymes. When nutrients are absorbed properly, they fuel you with energy and help you with glycogen replenishment.

Six Pack Nutrition Bulk

This product is an ideal blend of carbs and protein. It has a protein to carbs ratio of 1:5 and is enriched with 11 vital vitamins. This weight gainer is packed with B complex vitamins, Vitamin B12, and riboflavin. It supports muscle growth, generates energy, and also coordinates muscle movement through your central nervous system. It is rich in vitamin C & E, which supports muscle recovery and boosts muscle growth. It aids fast metabolism and is good for people with a weak appetite.

Big Muscles Smart Gainer

This is the purest and safest weight gainer that fuels you with the great energy you need for intense workout sessions. It is made with an ideal combination of premium quality proteins, maltodextrin, creatine, starch, and skimmed milk powder to boost overall growth. It keeps a sustained nutrient supply to fuel your extended workout sessions and helps in reducing muscle breakdown rate. It also improves immune function and supports healthy weight gain.

Muscle XP Weight Gainer with Digestive Enzymes

This weight gainer powder is packed with essential nutrients that boost weight gain. It has a perfect combination of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. It has a high-quality tri-blend protein source to supply amino acids that help with muscle building. The primary source of protein is whey protein concentrate. It has digezyme that aids digestion and enhances nutrient absorption. Every serving fuels you with 292 calories, 11g protein, and 52g carbs. It is fortified with 25 essential vitamins and minerals to reduce fatigue and protect your body cells from oxidative stress.

Endura Mass 

This weight gainer is highly affordable and does a decent job promoting weight gain. It has a blend of soy proteins, minerals, vitamins, and carbs to enrich you with energy to keep you active all day long. This supplement enriches you with 15g protein and 416 calories per serving to support intense workouts. It helps you to build lean muscles naturally. It has a great blend of minerals like calcium & phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C, & E to boost your immunity. It helps in reducing fatigue caused due to heavy-duty workouts.

All the above-mentioned supplements work the best when consumed alongside a nutritionally balanced diet and a proper workout schedule. You have to understand that weight gain is a gradual process just like weight loss and only with patience and the right efforts and nutrition, you’ll get the desired results. Do not eat unhealthy foods as they will only build fat mass and your goal is to gain weight in a healthy manner. Choose any of these weight gainers and start your weight gaining journey now.

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