5 Ways to Combat ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder)

How many awesome ideas do we lose to a general lack of focus and distraction in today’s fast-paced world? The number is not something that can be counted obviously since the data is in other people’s minds… or at least used to be!  How many times have you had a stroke of genius, yet let it slip away into the ether?

It is so easy to get distracted here in 2015, that ideas need to be protected at all costs. Most people are probably not trying to come up with the next great product or service. Many people may just be trying to get through the workday and back home to let cable TV flood their minds until it is time get back in bed. But for folks like us who got the entrepreneurial itch long ago, we are desperate to hit it big with a grand idea.

Good Idea

When we get a great idea, it is vital that we make a record of it. Our minds simply cannot keep up with all the info streamed to us on a daily basis through the TV, radio, social media, and online reading. Our own thoughts get eroded by the thoughts of the world around us. We are broadcast to 24 hours a day, so it’s no wonder our own ideas get lost throughout lack of focus. Our focus is under attack from all angles each and every minute.

How can we guard these great ideas so we don’t lose them to our “attention deficit disorder?” Here are five quick tips.

5. Talk about your ideas with others. This doesn’t open them up to be stolen by friends or co-workers. It breathes more life into the idea by simply speaking about it openly. It makes it more permanent and a step closer to becoming reality as well.

4. Take things out of your life that are clogging up your mind. Being attached to too many things makes our heads a disorganized mess. We have to let go of junk in order to make room for good thoughts and ideas. We may not need to write down all our ideas if our memory banks are free of useless information.

3. Don’t force the issue. Ideas sometimes come when you are not concentrating on idea generation. Try “easier” and let the ideas come to you instead of hunting them down like a wild animal.


2. Ideas flow better when there is silence around you. Make time each day to have your own silence. That may be in the gym or on a run. Or it could be in meditation or on a hike or a long solo car ride….with no radio on.

1. A pen and notepad are essential for making the idea permanent. You may lose the paper, but you are much more likely to hold on to a physical reminder of the best idea of the day or year. Yes, a smartphone will record the idea as well.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker