5 Apps For Clearer Thinking

chess to relax

We all would like to have a clearer mind. It sounds easy, but with all the noise around us it’s not as easy as it once was to have a peaceful thought or two. From a constant barrage of advertisements to endless alerts from your cell phone, we have to plan out ways to clear our heads. It won’t happen all by itself. Fortunately there are many apps that can help us with getting clarity before we lose our minds completely! Here are five of my favorite apps to relax and clear out some mind clutter.

5. 365 Phrases – This simple quotes app has a new phrase daily. Funny how a certain combination of words can brighten the day, trigger a great idea, or just relax your busy mind with some common sense wisdom.

4. Breathe2Relax – Breathing is taken for granted as it is so simple. Struggle getting your breathe and you’ll quickly remember its importance though. Focused breathing can be used to calm your mind. People try to over complicate meditation, thus missing the whole point of the practice. But if you can just spare about three minutes to watch your breathing and do it slowly, you will find it very calming. This app can guide you along the way.


3. Duolingo – This free language app is one of the best teaching tools available. Learning a new language gives us a new perspective on things, almost like adding an extra personality. That extra persona can, for a short time, escape the chaos that may be your normal life.

2. Chess – This one could be for any strategy game. I love chess and the old school nature of the game. I know there are modern warfare games that appeal to others and they can help you unwind in the same manner. Taking your mind off the real world and into a game is very relaxing.

1. Pandora – Music is a great way to escape reality. It can move your mind to anyplace you desire. That’s what’s great about Pandora. If you want to get pumped up for a run or workout, then you can set the station up for that. If you need some instrumental music for studying or writing, then that’s available as well. Music helps me clear my mind on a daily basis. The ads on Pandora are annoying and they seem to be increasing, so if you can afford the ad-free premium version, it’s definitely worth four dollars a month.

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker