5 Tips To Guard Yourself As An eBay Seller

It is great to make a profit selling items on eBay. We all love to make money, especially when it involves little work on our part. But using eBay to sell your goods can be a headache if you are not a little bit cautious.

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This post isn’t to scare anyone into thinking there is a crook around every corner of the internet. Over all my experience online and in the real world is that most people try to play fair. It is either out of a sense of morals or they simply don’t want retribution from any harmful acts that they may take part in. That said, here are five tips to help you protect yourself as a seller on eBay.

  1. Keep some money in your Paypal account to cover any refunds you have to send. If you don’t, the refund will come out of your bank account. You can also set up a separate bank account for Paypal use instead of your main bank. You don’t even have to link a bank, but it helps verify you on Paypal.
  2. Be as clear in your item description as possible. If there is any doubt about the condition of an item, make it clear with multiple great photos and as many words as necessary to paint a good picture. The only non positive feedback (neutral) I ever received was because I didn’t mention a book I sold was a former library book. I had no idea it mattered.
  3. Offer refunds on every item you sell. Use this tip within reason though. You can’t refund money on a video game that someone plays then returns in a week once they beat the game.
  4. Start selling slowly with lower priced items. The experience will be invaluable once you sell higher priced items. It is easier to refund ten dollars for a T-shirt than it is to give back $400 for that iphone you sold.
  5. Block bad buyers. There is a setting in the seller dashboard to keep certain buyers from getting a chance to buy from you. You can set it up by username if you have had prior trouble with a buyer or set the minimum feedback you will accept bids from.
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