5 Tips To Becoming A Better Online Video Game Player

Online video gaming is only becoming more popular. Titles like Fortnite have tens of millions of players each month with every single one of them trying to come out on top. Some people just seem to be better at games from day one but that’s not to say that everyone else can’t improve. Whether you want to climb to the professional eSports leagues or just get one over on your friends or families, there are many ways to improve at competitive games. Let’s take a look at some of the most successful methods.

1. Get The Best Equipment

If you want to compete with the very best video gamers, you may have to buy your way to the top. This is a lot easier if you play on a console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4. Obviously, it will be a lot easier to see everything happening on screen if you have a large HD television but equipment will help the cause too. Surround sound headsets will improve your performance, as will an upgraded controller, many of which will come complete with additional buttons.

If you play on PC, an obvious advantage can be gained with a better computer. If your computer is running the game to a higher specification than your opponent then you will have the upper hand. A high-quality gaming keyboard and mouse – complete with surround sound headset – will all play in your favor.

2. Watch The Best

If you’re going to steal, steal from the best. It is good advice for art and it applies to video gaming too. Nobody is beyond education and thankfully, there are so many easy ways to get better at the video game of your choice. Head over to a platform like Twitch or YouTube and check out some of the best players on the planet playing the game of your choice. Not everything they do will be useful to you but there may be things like strategies, techniques, and tricks which will help you in your own games.

3. Improve Your Physical And Mental Health

Your mental and physical health will have a major impact on how you perform at everything in life and that includes video gaming. Gaming utilizes many different mental processes including memory, attention, decision-making, and reactions. These will naturally decline with aging but there are methods which you can take to undo these changes.

According to Frontiers in Neuroscience, higher levels of physical activity can partially counteract the cognitive decline which comes with aging. Similarly, this physical exercise will improve your mental wellbeing, not only improving your overall mood and feeling but allowing you to receive more enjoyment from your hobbies.

4. Find Out What You’re Bad At

This can be hard, especially if you’re an intermediate or higher skilled gamer who has already achieved some level of success. According to Betway Casino, our testosterone

levels can increase by as much as 33% prior to competing in something we deem important. Testosterone can be hugely useful, increasing our levels of competition and heightening senses, but there are drawbacks. Aggression and an increased level of selfishness are also common.

This makes it hard for people to impartially judge their own actions. People don’t want to admit they’re not perfect at something they think they’re good at which hinders video gamers from improving. If you can find out what you’re bad at then you can take steps to improve on specific areas.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice

It may sound simple but this is truly the most successful way to improve at anything. That doesn’t mean that the best video gamers on the planet are the ones who have played for the longest amount of time. There is a correlation between the two but if you are just spending hours and hours repeating the same mistakes then you won’t get any better. Instead, this will have a negative impact on your gaming long term as you pick up bad habits.

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