5 Tips for A Functional Yet Updated Home

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Taking the example of Tucson, AZ, upgrading your Tucson home is a brilliant strategy to leverage the city’s exponential residential market growth and reap higher ROIs. Even if you don’t plan to sell, thoughtful upgrades will make your property more functional and luxurious. For instance, creating an ambient outdoor space will give you an escape to enjoy Tucson’s soaring vistas and breathtaking desert landscape.

Similarly, window treatment and insulation will help keep the heat and humidity at bay, supporting a cool indoor environment. Interiors that combine aesthetic beauty with functionality support a robust life quality by maximizing comfort and convenience. After all, your home is a living space, not a gallery of decorative accessories and frivolous ornaments.

Owning residential square footage in Tucson, surrounded by unreal natural beauty and stunning vistas, is a privilege. We urge you to invest in upgrading your home with practical features that accentuate luxury and infuse homely warmth. Read on to explore some amazing tips for a functional and updated home.

1.    A Relaxing Bathroom Space

A bathroom is more than just a space where we shower or give our bowel movements much-needed relief. For most people, it’s a relaxing space where they can carve out moments of silence and self-reflection. It’s a space where one can tune out and lose oneself in the simple pleasures of self-pampering and bubble baths.

If your bathroom doesn’t offer a relaxing ambiance, it’s time to do something about it. Ideas are abundant, and it’s wise to reflect on your lifestyle and preferences to find the right path to your updated home. Suppose you adore soaking in a bathtub filled with Epsom salts, rose petals, and foamy soap. Consider investing in a whirlpool tub with massaging jets to elevate your bathing experience, and only hire the best contractors to tackle this project. While bathroom remodeling projects range from $22,000 to $65,000 in Tucson, simple upgrades like bathtub replacement will cost lesser than this.

You can look up Tucson bathtub replacement company near me to hire reliable and affordable bathroom remodelers in Tucson. You can choose from Jacuzzi bathtubs, whirlpool tubs with massaging jets, swim spas, and freestanding tubs. Market research will help you explore the variety and understand specifications as you map out your budget and needs. Once you have a clear idea of your needs and affordability, you can connect with an expert to seek professional advice.

Working closely with professionals specializing in bathtub replacements is important to make a well-informed decision. Only an expert can help you find the right bathtub that aligns with your bathroom’s plumbing network and square footage.

2.    Declutter and Repurpose Storage Spaces

Tucson is one of Arizona’s most expensive housing markets, and owning a home in this privileged market is remarkable. However, if you’ve turned this precious square footage into a storage dump, are you truly reaping the advantages of your investment? Living spaces are supposed to nurture our minds and bodies with comfort, practical luxury, and endless utility.

Turning living spaces into dust-riddled storage dumps creates clutter, which reflects negatively on our life quality and productivity. Imagine transforming your cluttered garage into a fitness studio where you can indulge in yoga and adrenalin-pumping exercise sessions. Or perhaps, you’d like to transform your attic into a home office with a library and seating space to entertain clients.

Once you decide to declutter your home, there are endless possibilities to make the most of your living space. Get rid of all unwanted belongings and broken fixtures that no longer serve a purpose in your everyday life. Minimizing clutter will make your house more organized and peaceful, giving you more space for activities that support a healthy lifestyle.

3.    Add More Storage Solutions

Humans are collectors by instinct, and we all have unique reasons to collect and hoard items that enrich us with satisfaction. Some collect and hoard items to elevate their status with the prestige of owning luxury designer labels and high-end furnishings. Others like personalizing their living spaces with collector’s items and memorabilia that reflect their personalities and aesthetic taste.

Even with extensive decluttering, we all end up with a lot of stuff that we cannot eliminate from our lives. Adding more storage solutions allows homeowners to devise an efficient organization system to house all items neatly. For instance, toys don’t end up in the living room and kitchen countertops when the playroom has multiple shelves.

Likewise, you can maintain clutter-free countertops and a neat kitchen island with a walk-in or wall-mounted pantry. Most homeowners believe having extensive square footage is the key to maintaining an organized home. That’s not true at all. You can add efficient storage solutions like wall-mounted shelves and floating racks to organize a cramped space. An updated home will take advantage of every opportunity to be more efficient in your use of space.

Furniture with hidden storage solutions, like bed drawers, trunk ottomans, and coffee tables with shelves, offer multipurpose utility.

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4.    Don’t Neglect Your Backyard

Making time for regular lawn maintenance and backyard sprucing can prove overwhelming, given the innumerable responsibilities of modern-day life. But if you invest in creating an outdoor space, you can make it a crucial part of your everyday life. For instance, an outdoor dining area is ideal for enjoying breakfasts overlooking sweeping panoramas of Tucson’s rugged mountains. 

If you add a deck or patio to your backyard, you can entertain your guests at garden parties and summertime BBQs. Besides, almost every home and high-rise condo in Tucson has a spectacular view of the desert landscape and soaring vistas. Why not make the most of this view with an elaborate setting that invites you to unwind and recharge?

5.    A Fresh Coat of Paint

Are you bored with your home’s monotonous interiors and want to spruce things up without overspending? A fresh coat of paint is all you need to breathe new life into your living spaces, creating a refreshing sense of newness and a cheap way to get an updated home.

This project requires a few hundred dollars to buy painting supplies and some elbow grease. We suggest inviting your friends for a fun-filled painting party to finish the job quickly. But first, you must find the right colors to transform your living spaces in the most appealing ways. Don’t hold yourself back from experimenting with unconventional colors that excite you.


Maintaining a functional and updated home requires a focus on practicality and structural utility. Homeowners who overspend on fussy frills often create tripping hazards and inconveniences. What’s the point of adding eight pillows to your bed if you’re not going to sprawl out and enjoy their softness? We suggest investing in accessories and fixtures that combine aesthetic charm with undeniable utility. This mindset will help you design a home that supports your lifestyle with endless comfort and convenience.

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