5 Things You Need To Know About Henry Hoover Vacuum Cleaners

Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners come in a variety of models that differ both in design and function. If you are already a Henry owner, you would surely know many of its handsome, friendly, and functional features. But if you are new to this world, there are a few things that you must know about Henry Hoovers.

Besides Henry’s iconic cheeky smile represented in the cleaner, here are five essential things you must know about the best Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners if you are about to buy one:

Henry Hoover’s Versatility

Apart from being a friendly member of the families, Henry Hoover has extended capabilities beyond being the homebody. Some of the best Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners are a good match outdoors, especially at building sites.

It can suck up large chunks of dirt and mess like concrete in the building sites. With its effective performance outdoors, it is a friendly name among the tradesmen and builders. Contrary to this, there are miniaturized Henry Hoovers that can be used as keyboard and desk cleaners.

Henry And Its Accessories

Henry Hoover vacuum cleaners do not come alone. Along with its out of the world cleaning capabilities as a loner, when added together with the accessories, it can make your life a lot better. Henry has brothers and sisters like James, Hetty, George and more who are not in any way lesser when compared.

Usually, the best Henry Hoover cleaners come with extra long power cords, 10 meters. It can reach every nook and corner and even the stairs without much hassle. You can plug it just once and clean the whole house without re-plugging it in different power sockets.

Adorable Design Features

A brand’s success does not come easily. Henry Hoover is a name that is almost synonymous to vacuum cleaners. Its design is one of the main features that helped with its popularity among all types of family members and industries.

Though the design was made fun of in the initial days, it smashed the doubts of its credibility with its uncompromising technology and power. Henry Hoover models come with 9-litre vacuum bags, so you don’t have to change it frequently.

Its design, shape and colour are instantly recognizable, and it gives a face to the brand. It also has eco-friendly features, and the design adheres to all quality standards.

It Fights Allergens In The Best Way

Some of the Henry Hoover models come with HEPA filters. It can trap common allergens like dust mites, pet dander, and pollen effectively. They have a three-stage filtration system that stops dust from escaping the machine. It is also approved by the British Allergy Foundation.

The machine has HepaFlo bags that have self-seal tabs that help keep the dust in. If you or your family members have dust-related allergies, it is important that the cleaner must help you in the best way.

Compact And Light-weight

If you live in a small house or an apartment with less storage space, compact vacuum cleaners are the ones that will be apt. Some Henry Hoover models are smaller in size without compromising the mobility of the machine. 

These compact cleaners can collect dust and debris in homes as well as in cars. Being lightweight, it can be easily carried around, even on stairs. If the models come with bags, they will be of adequate capacity and easily disposable.

Apart from the functional facts, Henry Hoover has a wonderful appearance and design with vibrant colors paired in tandem with quality and innovation. With an estimated 20,000 Henrys sold each week in the UK, you can be sure to find the best Henry Hoover suited for your requirements.

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