5 New Gadgets We Should Have by 2020

Making predictions about new gadgets and the future technology is quite interesting. Most tech-savvy professionals are speculating on what type of phones, apps, and home accessories will be used in the near future. We are still not sure if we’ll be using apps.

Many times, such predictions are never right because people tend to overestimate or underestimate the potential of the future technology. Even if the current predictions may be disapproved, everyone seems to be excited about what technology is in store for the next few years. Are you curious about tomorrow? Keep reading this post to learn the top 5 tech gadgets to expect by 2020.

1. Health monitoring wearables

In the healthcare sector, we expect revolutionary changes too. A variety of new tech gadgets will evolve to help in the monitoring of health, e.g. intelligent pills and FitBit health trackers. All you will be required to do is connect a smart mirror to a wearable or ingestible to know how your body is doing.

This means that the physicians will consider career changes because they will be replaced by super smart devices in the future. Some health experts predict that modern gadgets will facilitate real-time diagnostics for various diseases like diabetes, cancer, and intestinal flora. These devices might come as wearable patches geared towards preventative rather than reactive health care measures. This technology is underway.

A certain report of the Wall Street Journal indicates that tiny magnetic particles can diagnose cancer and other diseases. When the particles bind to body cells and other molecules, the smart device which contains magnetic power starts counting them. The particles may be in form of pills, making it easier to detect cancer or a budding heart attack.

2. 5G smartphones

The 4G network is desirable but network providers and wireless developers are delving into the 5G technology. It is already being defined today and might be fully deployed in the next two years.

When this happens, the cool new gadgets will be faster than 4G and more energy-saving. This means better home devices, faster smartphones, and durable wearables. 5G networks and phones will have lower latency than 4G, meaning that loading of apps, websites, and video will be much faster.

5G networks will enable the application of virtual reality in professional tasks as well as enabling sensors to be embedded in watches, cars, etc. This is the best site to get cheap custom papers by professional academic writers. You can ask writers to create a great post about technological improvements.

3. Virtual reality headsets

Only a few people have been able to experience virtual reality headsets. Manufacturers and tech investors believe that headsets will be the next trend in communications and entertainment, immersing users in the digital world.

VR headset

There are a few reasons to be pessimistic about VR changing technology like the way smartphones have done. Most VR fans still don’t have the basic apps due to the high price tag that comes with the VR headsets in addition to other accessories. Nonetheless, VR enthusiasts will enjoy tremendous 3D experiences if the industry produces some killer apps that appeal to both gamers and the general consumers.

4. Augmented reality headsets

These are also expected to be the next big tech gadgets in 2020 just like their counterparts – VR headsets. Some researchers speculate that holographic TVs will become a reality very soon meaning that augmented reality (which is not a true version of holograms) will pave way for games and shows that project environment and characters onto living rooms to create an immersive virtual world to blend with the surroundings. Futurists have predicted that by 2020, it will be possible for the world to be in augmented reality throughout.

5. Self-driving cars

A report that was documented in the New York Times shows that in spite of the passion that the industry professionals talk about self-driving cars, automated cars still require human efforts. Truly automated vehicles may still be 10 years away but the current self-driving cars have started to function in particular situations. In a few years’ time, these cars will be capable of changing lanes, following curves, navigating safely, and starting/stopping on their own. However, human supervision will still be needed particularly in complicated road issues. It is expected that we shall have about 10 million vehicles with self-driving mechanisms.

Google Smart Car

In the next 2 years, we might experience new changes in technology which have never been seen before in the last one century. The world has never seen the type of technological advancement that is happening today. Drones, for instance, are gaining popularity each passing day and we can print 3D organs. We also have robots that act like human beings.

Do not be surprised if refrigerators start ordering milk from the grocery shops soon. We expect smart algorithms and AI-powered systems to start making decisions for us. By the year 2020, human employees will reduce gradually and factories will function more efficiently. As a matter of fact, predictions show that the manufacturing industry might disappear as 3D printers dominate hence more products will be printed at lower costs. Get ready for the above 5 new gadgets and more!

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