5 Must-Have Accessories For Everyone Who Wears Glasses

There are many benefits to wearing glasses. They allow you to see better, protect you from strong light that can cause harm to your eyes, and add to your looks and fashion statement. However, there are certain ways in which you need to take care of your glasses, especially your safety prescription glasses, as well so that you can continue to benefit from them. You need a few accessories to take adequate care of your eyewear and protect them from harm.

Here are five such must-have accessories that every glass wearer needs to take care of his or her glasses.

Proper EVA Cases

A proper case for your glasses is the first step towards the maintenance of your eyewear. Cases can come in many forms, such as hard shell, foldable, or EVA cases. Even though most optometry clinics provide hard containers with your glasses, there are several reasons why it is a good idea to buy proper EVA foam-lined cases for your eyewear. First of all, EVA cases are the best when it comes to protecting your eyewear since the outside is a hard shell, and the inside is lined with EVA foam to provide maximum protection to your glasses. EVA or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate is a copolymer between Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate that was developed in the 1960s and is extensively used due to its elasticity, toughness, and shock absorption capabilities.

Due to its foam-like structure, EVA lined glass storage cases can absorb shocks while it keeps dust, sand, and water out. They often come with a zipper, which gives them a sporty look, which is why most high-end sports sunglasses provide EVA hard shell carrying cases with them. EVA cases can come in many shapes, which often make them stand out from others. Because of its production process, EVA foam can be cut into any shape, be it square, triangle, or even shaped like eyewear. EVA molded foam inside cases can also have different textures ranging from smooth, rough, soft, or hard.

Clip-On Holder for Cars

A lot of people have a tough time keeping track of their glasses once they change it inside their cars. Clip-on holders for vehicles can help people from losing their glassware or getting buried and forgotten inside the glove compartment. An ideal clip-on holder should have enough grip to hold on to the glasses without causing damage to them.

Clip-on holders are often sold in a bundle with cases for glasses. But you can also check at your local optometry store or online for one. They are mostly fixed on the sun visor.

Anti-Slip Temple Arm Sleeves

These are essential for people who have an active lifestyle. Anti-slip sleeves prevent the glasses from falling off while people engage in running, jogging, or other types of outdoor sports activities. They provide additional comfort to the temples and behind the ears as well, since they are mostly made of soft material such as silicon. These are also effective for day to day activities such as driving, reading, gardening, and many others.


Glasses often need adjustments and tightening. Toolkits for glasses are essential to tighten loose screws or replace them when they are lost. Having a tool kit can not only save money from regular maintenance visits to the optometry store, but it can also prevent the glass from falling apart or breaking. Toolkits are readily available online or from hardware stores.

Cleaning Kit

Smudges and grease marks are almost unavoidable in glasses. They make the vision blurry and cause contamination on the eyewear. That is why having a proper cleaning kit is a must for anyone who wears glasses. A cleaning kit usually consists of two things, a cleaning liquid and a microfiber towel. Both are readily available in the market as well as online. One can also make their lens cleaning fluid if they prefer to, or use a drop of hand sanitizer on each lens. However, it is advisable not to use any other type of cloth on safety prescription glasses other than microfiber towels as they might cause damage to the lenses of the glasses. Microfiber towels do not leave any lint on the eyewear as well.

Most of these accessories are not provided when we purchase our glasses. But they are essential to ensure that we can protect our glasses and in turn, they can take care of our eyes for a longer time. Taking care of our eyewear can help us improve our vision and our performance in our daily activities.

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