5 Important Tips To Follow When Buying Car Spare Parts

Cars are the essence of the modern world. The rise in demand for the automobile sector in India has made it one of the booming countries for auto parts as well. Isn’t it evident that more cars mean more repairs and therefore, increased demand for spare parts?

However, the increased demand for automobile spares has met with several drawbacks of its own. Currently, the Indian markets are flooded with suppliers who push fake spare parts that prove out to be dangerous. The reason behind the push of fake spares is the rising competition.

The suppliers try to reduce the costs by selling these items and increasing their profits. For those readers who think that going with a fake/cheap alternative is a good idea, they should read the given disadvantages of equipping their car with the same:

  • Risk of engine failure or fire: Yes, fake spares can risk your car’s engine and even cause a fire under extreme circumstances.
  • Brake Failure: If you think that replacing the genuine brake pads or discs with a cheaper alternative, think again.
  • Electrical hazards: Yes, it is possible to have electrical hazards inside your car. The fake electrical equipment present inside your car might risk you with the same.
  • Reduce the life of your car: The fake alternative doesn’t fit well and leaves behind irrecoverable injury to your overall car’s health. 

Thanks to the providers such as Boodmo, they have changed the landscape around buying and selling spare parts online, in India. Boodmo provides the car owners with every possible spare replacement around a plethora of car model options. You can get your car’s spare parts at  https://boodmo.com/

Now, let’s have a look at 5 important tips to follow when buying car spare parts.

Keep an eye on the details and the manufacturer

Chances are that you might get tempted with the new designs that promise you additional features over your previous spare. However, you need to understand the functionality of the spare before you actually decide to buy the ones with an improved design that vouches for improved functionality. 

Besides the functionality of a product, you need to check the other essential aspects of a spare as well. It is also important for you to check the manufacturing details of the product and look at the details around the manufacturer.

When you decide to buy spare parts from an online website, you should wait for a confirmation by the company. Remember to check every detail around the spare part before you make the final payment.

Think like an expert

When you decide to buy a spare part, it is essential for you to think like an expert. Some retailers might want to charge you something extra in the name of taxes, so it is important to think like an expert when you decide to buy spares in the automobile industry.

You should always do some comparison before you decide to buy a product from an online retailer store. Remember it as a golden rule, never go for the first thing that you see in the marketplace. It is important to be aware of the price and specifications of the item. 

Therefore, we can conclude that it is important to do deep research before buying a product. Multiple websites not only give you an idea of price but also give you an idea about the product. 

Check for offers

You should never shy out from checking for offers when you decide to purchase spare products online. However, while looking for offers is good, refrain from falling for the trap of huge discounts. Such websites offer users with fake products mostly.  

Moreover, offers in websites also help you understand the least price that you will have to pay for the product.

Check for the delivery rates of your product

There are websites that often charge customers for the delivery and handling of spare parts. However, this is a misunderstanding that customers need to clear about the delivery of a product through the country.

It should be noted that not every website charges you for misc. products and often carries a fixed amount to deliver products for free. However, it should be noted that commodities above 70kg are charged as extra for deliveries.

Look for providers that provide you with the installation

It is always suggested to look for service providers that provide you with free installation post-delivery.  It is advisable to buy products from such websites as they are the mark of true and genuine providers. 


Buying spare parts is not easy but when you have the right websites like Boodmo and the right tips in hand, stay protected over the purchase of spare parts. 

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