5 Different Types Of Bicycles In The World

When you think about buying a bicycle, what kind of bike comes to your mind?  Although many bikes look closely similar to each other, there are significant differences based on their features, functions, and uses.

If you’re shopping for one, the first thing you need to prioritize is its purpose. Is it for commuting to your office?  Are you interested in owning a versatile bike that would go for tarmac and dirt tracks, too?  Would you like to own a bike that’s capable of holding uploads of stuff while you ride comfortably on it? 

This article will discuss the different types of bicycles in the world. After all, it pays to find out more about which specific bike is fit for your purpose and lifestyle.

Road Bike

As the name suggests, road bikes are intended to be ridden on the roads. They’re optimized to make a road cycling experience more efficient.

A road bike comes with skinny tires and drops handlebars, making it perfect on paved roads. The purpose of the downward-positioned handlebars is to help you stay in an aerodynamic position. This bike is ideal for different pavement uses, like racing, fitness riding, long and short distance riding, and daily commuting.

However, it’s important to note that this kind of bike isn’t characterized to perform well on mountain dirt tracks. You can control the speed and propel the bike into various terrains with fewer efforts, but dirt tracks would be the exemption.

Mountain Bike

For off-roads and dirt tracks, your best partner would be a mountain bike. It’s chunkier in design and equipped with knobby tires. It’s structured in a frame geometry that makes it work flexibly on uneven surfaces and grounds. You’ll be safe even when riding off-road because of its excellent braking system and shock-absorbing features. This will help you handle bumps, rocks, dirt trails, roots, and ruts effectively, without falling and crashing.

You can ride on steeper terrains with a mountain bike as it intentionally has lower gear than road bikes. The physical blueprint of a mountain bike is composed of rugged components and frames. It has flat handlebars and suspension so that the rider can navigate mountain hills. Give a mountain bike a go if you want to explore why it’s one of the fitness crazes.

Touring Bike

A touring bike is a road bicycle designed to carry many loads, even in far distances. You can spend long days outdoors with the help of this bike, which combines practicality, comfort, and performance. This bike is similar to traditional road bikes, but is suitable for longer distances and bike tours. 

It can be customized according to your preferences so you can attach lights, fenders, racks, pumps, and water bottles. There are sturdy frames that can carry heavy loads on the front and backside of the bike. It also has a broader tire, engineered for more control and balance for the rider.  

Hybrid/Commuter Bike

A hybrid is exactly a mixture of road bikes and mountain bikes. Because of this aspect, you have the liberty to do a bit of everything with it. Many people also commute with hybrid bikes. Riding with a pink electric bike gives you a smooth ride and lets you avoid time-consuming traffic jams. It gives you versatility and convenience. It sports a combination of large road bike-sized wheels intended for both paved roads and smooth dirt tracks. 

A flat bar and a heads-up position for riding make it more comfortable for you to ride. Added with effectively responsive disc brakes, this will be a great bike to use even during bad weather conditions. 

Electric Bike

If you like to save up some of your physical energy, then go for an electric bike. It is part electric and comes with a battery and a silent motor. It’s usually heavier than other bikes, but its electrical feature sure comes in handy anytime. The moment you start pedaling, the engine will work and give you a push. The efforts you need to exert in pedaling is minimal; you won’t ever have to break a sweat to maintain a steady pace.


Now that you’re familiar with some of the different kinds of bicycles, think carefully about which type is most suitable and useful for you. Regardless of whichever bike you purchase, always keep in mind to consider features and functions over appearance. Invest in your health and hobby now, and take advantage of the benefits of biking.

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