5 Reasons Why Mountain Biking Is The Fitness Craze You Need To Explore

In 2020, with the coronavirus raging, gyms around the country have closed down. Even in cities where they remain open, many individuals are too concerned about their health to go there. You can work out at home, but there are some inherent limitations that go along with that.

Many people are trying mountain biking for the first time this summer. There are tons of compelling reasons to do so. Let’s look at five of them right now.

You Can Get Out in Nature

First, remember that you need to be safe when you go out mountain biking. We must stress the importance of wearing a helmet, and you should at least consider elbow and knee pads as well.

Once you’ve got your safety gear, you can go online and see what bike trails are near you. Many states have national parks with bike trails. You want a path that:

· Is well-marked

· Isn’t too challenging if you’re not an experienced biker yet

· Is within driving distance

After you have selected your trail and driven there, you can unload your bike and start your journey. You might want to go slowly to observe the trees, plants, birds, and perhaps animals. If you go quietly, you might notice some of the timid animals that normally hide from humans.

Biking Works Many Muscle Groups

People usually like workouts that are stress-relieving and those that work many different muscle groups. Mountain biking is undoubtedly something that qualifies. When you go mountain biking, you work:

· The quads, hamstrings, and buttocks

· The arms, forearms, chest, and shoulders

· The core muscles

In short, there are very few muscles that mountain biking doesn’t work. When you try out a trail where you have some significant grade changes, you’re really pushing yourself to get up those steeper hills. Then, you can relax and coast on the downslopes, and feel the wind rush past you.

If tight, toned, and ripped is what you’re going for, you’d do well to consider this pastime. Track your progress by monitoring the power you expend everytime you cycle using a bike power meter. This way, you know that your efforts are paying off when you don’t see any physical changes yet.

You Can Connect with Others

Some workout types are solitary endeavors. When you go mountain biking, though, you can go as a group. In fact, if you’re worried about the coronavirus, this is an activity that truly has social distancing in mind.

Rather than being in an enclosed space and breathing the same air, like you’d be doing in a gym, you’re out in the world. You can stay a safe distance from each other, but you can still interact and feel like comrades. You can provide support and encourage each other even as you remain slightly spread out.

You Can Go to Many Different Venues

Another key selling point about mountain biking is that you can do it in many different places. Regardless of your locale, the chances are good that there are many different places you can get to where you can take your bike out and explore.

It’s true that some states are very flat, so there aren’t truly any mountains of which to speak. You can always go further afield if you want real mountains, but you can bike longer distances across flat surfaces too.

You might not get the intense workout of going up and down steep grades, but you can bike for a longer time to make it up. You could also add to the workout with some other moves, like pushups or burpees before or after, if you want to make it more challenging.

It’s a Low-Impact Workout

One more reason to give mountain biking a shot is that it’s one of the more low-impact workouts that exist. Some people shy away from certain exercises because they’re worried about muscle wear and tear.

That’s not much of an issue with biking because there’s no equipment involved other than the bike itself. You’re not picking up heavy weights and putting them down, or anything of that nature.

As long as you pay attention to what your body tells you, there’s no reason to think you’ll sustain an injury or have any long-term health problems.

In a time when so many people have faced home confinement, it’s nice to have an option where you get outside to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. You can socialize while still following scientifically-determined guidelines regarding Covid-19, and you can explore the natural wonders that your city or town has to offer.

It’s uncertain when gyms are going to open again safely nationwide, but until that happens, mountain biking can be a perfectly acceptable workout and hobby.

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