5 Best Sci-Fi Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

Astronauts, aliens, supernatural humans, superheroes, time travel, etc., all these things appear in front of you when you talk about sci-fi movies. For more than 20 years, the cinematic world has given many popular hits with mind-boggling concepts. The fantasy world becomes real in front of our eyes. Let’s accept this, we all viewers love to experience this fantasy world at once, move out to play games, roam around in the historical world and yes, greet some aliens. Read on to get hands-on with the best sci-fi movies to watch these Christmas holidays check this entertainment provider.


This sci-fi movie shows the dangerous expedition signed by a biologist where nature’s laws do not come into force. The protagonist’s husband returns with the rare memory from the shimmer type of ‘iridescent forcefield’ that has a mysterious effect on the people. As she enters the place, she finds animal hybrids, human-shaped plants, and other unnatural things. The story has a significant sci-fi effect with an unusual concept.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The character Rey is shown to develop her new abilities with guidance from Luke Skywalker. On the other hand, the Resistance is preparing for the battle with the First Order. The film was nominated for four Oscar awards too. Interestingly, the movies displayed a scene where aliens walked into the space casino in their vibrant dresses. Like, if we play online slots at a few reputed casinos like NetBet, they also offer a few casino slots based on space gaming. You can play games like Space Wars or Space Christmas, etc.

AD Astra

This space-based movie shows how astronaut Roy McBride undertakes the unforgiving solar system’s mission to find out the truth about his missing father. The expedition is stated to be doomed after 30 years, and it has threatened the universe too. AD Astra is a realistic depiction of space and the universe, with unnatural elements ruling the scenes. The visual effects and the cinematography of the movie were praised, along with Brad Pitt’s performance.


This 2020 mystery sci-fi movie is about the deep sea drilling where the oceanic workers are working. They are shown looking for safety when an earthquake devastates their deepwater research and their drilling facility located in the Mariana Trench’s deep waters. The team soon finds out that the bloodthirsty creatures engulf them, and other monsters possess the outfits straight from the ‘mecha anime.’

Monster Hunter

This action, adventure, and fantasy sci-fi movie is originally based on the video game by Capcom. It shows that Lt. Artemis and her loyal soldiers were transported to some new world. They have to battle to struggle against their enemies. You will also witness master martial artist ‘Tony Jaa,’ who plays the hunter’s role to give an excellent performance in the movie. This movie has many visuals taken from the video game that makes it an ideal watch for video game lovers. The characters chosen for the film do full justice to their roles, and even the chosen weapons look cool. 


If you are a sci-fi movie lover who likes action, thrill, adventure, and the fantasy world, these chosen movies are best to watch out for. You can enjoy the cinematography and role-plays of the actors that make these movies a great one. Are you a lover of binge-watching? If yes, just take a break from regular comedy or action movies and indulge in the sci-fi collection this holiday season and enjoy them with your friends and family.

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