4 Quick Facts About CBD And Cannabis Products

CBD is a fantastic supplement product that’s gaining huge popularity in the United States and all around the world. Consumers are finding the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) to be wide-ranging and potent. What’s more, CBD products are natural remedies that comes from the cannabis plant, one of humanity’s oldest cultivated flora species.

For those new to the field of CBD and cannabis products, consulting with FDA guidance is a great way to build your understanding of what these supplements can do for you. Likewise, speaking with your doctor and reading a variety of specific reviews can give you more tailored advice that pertains to your unique set of circumstances and intended use for CBD and other related product options. However,  the best way to get personalized, professional advice is to visit a Santa Rosa dispensary

With these four quick facts, getting started in this fascinating world of natural herbal supplements is simple and effective.

1. The cannabis industry is one of the oldest in human history.

Humans have been cultivating the hemp plant for nearly 12,000 years, studies have shown. Initially grown in pockets around Asia, hemp was planted and harvested primarily as a means of creating fabrics and tarping materials. The hemp plant fibers are incredibly strong, but they also make for a delicate-feeling fabric that can be woven into clothing and much more. More recently in human history (just a few thousand years ago) research suggests that humans began experimenting with strain development and the THC and other cannabinoids that are present in varying potencies among different types of hemp varieties.

Cannabis plants have grown up alongside humanity, and it’s only fitting that modern consumers are utilizing this fascinating plant today as well. Cultivators and dispensaries in the cannabis business today are cutting-edge and rely on scientific testing and stringent quality controls. Reading a Garden of Life CBD review, for instance, will give you a better sense of the high quality that the modern cannabis industry provides.

2. Cannabis plant products link in with the endocannabinoid system within the human body.

The endocannabinoid system is one of the least understood components of the human body. Science tells us that it participates in the regulation of key bodily functions like mood, stress management, appetite, and others. Another unique feature of this system is its purpose in ancient humans. Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system—and not dopamine, endorphins, or adrenaline—is responsible for the chemical reaction that produces “the runner’s high.”

This reaction is a holdover from the time when hunters had to strategize and track prey over the course of many miles; the product is a boost right when a hunter starts to feel the fatigue of the hunt set in. This gave ancient humans the second wind they needed in order to feed themselves, and it provides modern athletes with a springboard for amazing feats of human ability today.

3. CBD provides the blueprint for excellent benefits without intoxication.

CBD is a great product for many reasons, but one of the most important is the elimination of the intoxicating effect that comes along with THC varieties of hemp plant products. Smoking or eating THC-containing cannabinoid products provides the same benefits but can minimize productivity in a big way. CBD gives users the same great benefits without this reduction in daily viability when it comes to driving, work, and much more.

4. Mainstream regulatory efforts are making the cannabis industry safer and more effective.

Perhaps the most exciting development happening in the cannabis industry is the expanded legality and accompanying regulatory structures that are coming into place. Cannabis insurance solutions, greater autonomy of cultivators, and a white hat supply chain all add up to a unique level of consumer protection that hasn’t always existed in this space. New regulatory efforts don’t always add up to positive movement for consumers, but in this space, it’s a welcome change that’s bringing new energy to CBD and other similar product lines.

With these facts in mind, cannabis products offer a uniquely potent opportunity for consumers of all types.

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