4 Kinds Of Self Adhesive Vinyl And When And Where To Use Them

Self-adhesive vinyl is a crafty individual’s best mate. It is relatively quick and easy to apply and you can use it on almost any surface, both indoors and out. There are many different patterns, colors, and finishes available, so you can create virtually any look and feel you want using this flexible, durable sticker fabric. There are several different kinds of self-adhesive vinyl though and each is appropriate for different applications. Read on to gain some insight into what some of these different types are and where and when you can use them for all your decorating purposes.

What is Self-Adhesive Vinyl?

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic material generally made by combining ethylene (from crude oil) and chlorine (from salt). It can be flexible or rigid and comes in a variety of formats. Self-adhesive vinyl is one of the flexible versions of vinyl material. Basically, it is flexible vinyl in a sticker-like format. Self-adhesive pieces of vinyl initially have a paper backing on them for transport and storage purposes. Right before placing the vinyl wherever you desire, you simply peel the paper backing away exposing the sticky surface underneath. Then you just place the vinyl, adhesive side down, and smooth it firmly in place. There are several different types of self-adhesive vinyl too, making it extremely versatile and appropriate for many uses.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) free vinyl

Vinyl Fabric Used in Advertising

One type of self-adhesive vinyl is PVC Free Vinyl Fabric. PVC free vinyl film is made from recyclable materials and thus more environmentally friendly than other forms of vinyl. It also tends to be a bit more expensive for this reason as well. There are several of these vinyl fabrics free from PVC. Some common PVC free kinds are PO (polyolefine), PET (polythene terephthalate), PP (polypropene), and polyester. PVC free vinyl material is great for both indoor and outdoor utilization. This vinyl is considered long-lasting to permanent when used inside and medium to long-term when placed outside, particularly on non-corrugated materials. If you or your business care greatly about your carbon footprint, then these PVC free options should be the vinyl choices that you look into.

Monomeric Vinyl

Monomeric vinyl is made using small molecule plasticizers, or the substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility and reduce breakage. It is generally one of the most flexible vinyl materials as well as the least costly. It is not very durable for this reason as well. Monomeric vinyl is great for your short to medium-term indoor applications and works fantastically for temporary indoor solutions. You should only consider it for the most temporary of outdoor applications though, as it does not hold up in those conditions for very long.

Monomeric Vinyl used in Advertising

Intermediate Vinyl

Intermediate vinyl is the next step up from monomeric. The plasticizers used for intermediate vinyl contain larger molecules than their monomeric vinyl counterparts. This generally means intermediate vinyl is more durable. It is not recommended for temporary indoor usage as it is harder to remove once placed. It works well for medium-term indoor and shorter-term outdoor operations. It tends to be a bit more expensive than monomeric as well due to its longevity. 

Polymeric Vinyl

Polymeric vinyl is made with the largest molecule platicizers available. It is considered the longest-lasting of the self-adhesive vinyl types and is thus often the most expensive as well. The extra expense for polymeric vinyl can definitely be worth it though. It is virtually permanent when used indoors and quite durable outdoors as well. It also has the added benefit of being able to be placed on slightly curved surfaces as well as flat ones. Other forms of self-adhesive vinyl tend not to stay in place when applied on curved spaces, so if you want to attach any vinyl material to a curved surface, you should look at polymeric vinyl.

Self-adhesive vinyl letters, wall decoration, glass decals, banners, and longer-lasting sticker decorations for any flat surface you can think of. The possibilities for the artist in you are truly endless when it comes to self-adhesive vinyl. It is easy, quick, and fun to use too. With so many types to choose from and so many possibilities for use, self-adhesive vinyl is quickly becoming one of the most popular decor materials. Join the fun and let your creative side shine with these amazing indoor-outdoor stickers!

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