4 Easy Edits That Can Make Videos More Impressive

Odds are you’re aware that editing a video is important if you want to make it more impressive. If you’re just getting into video editing, however, you may be at a loss as to how to start – and what exactly you should do.

The good news is there are several easy edits that you can use to make your videos more impressive:

‘Cut on action’ To Seamlessly Move From One Clip To Another

While there are many types of ‘cuts’ that you can use when compiling a video, the one that you should try to master is the ‘cut on action’. It basically involves cutting from one clip to another clip that shows the same action as the first. By using this type of cut, viewers will be focused on the action and the cut itself will
be masked and appear more seamless. Unlike other types of cuts such as ‘jump cuts’ it is much less jarring and will keep the flow of the video intact.

Use Background Music To Set The Tone And Pace

Adding background music can have a transformative effect on your video as it will set the tone and pace. For that to happen however you need to choose the right background music, and maybe cut it a bit so that its pace matches the video.

It is relatively easy to learn how to add music to videos using any basic editor, and once you pick the track that you want to use you can see how well it suits the video. If necessary you may want to remove some parts of the music, loop others, and make sure the climax accentuates the right point in your video.

Crop To Reframe The Video

Cropping can help make a video more impressive in a number of ways – such as by removing ‘black bars’ or unwanted material. However, if you really want to take advantage of it you should use it as a tool that allows you to reframe the video.

By reframing the video, you can use composition techniques such as the rule of thirds to make the subject and other important elements stand out. Additionally, you could alter its aspect ratio to match the platform you want to publish or view it on so that it is displayed better.

Add Subtitles To The Video

Subtitles can instantaneously make a video look more professional, and you should definitely consider adding them to yours. At times you may want to use captions or other features on certain platforms to do so, but an alternative is to ‘bake in’ the subtitles by inserting them as text in an editor.

The advantage of placing subtitles in a video using an editor is that you’ll have greater control over their appearance. As a result, you will be able to emphasize certain words and control the style of the subtitles to make them look more impressive.

None of the edits listed above are particularly complicated, and yet each one has the ability to dramatically change how your video appears to viewers. It is up to you to decide which edits are best for your video, but at very least you should now have a place to start editing your videos so that they stand apart.

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