3 Trendy Technologies Made For Everyday Households

Nowadays, it seems as if new pieces of technology are constantly hitting the market. Many of these new technologies are useful, especially within the domestic sphere. Here are three home trends that have recently burst onto the market with significant success.

1. VoIP Phone Services

Many homeowners no longer want high-cost, hardware-heavy traditional landline telephones; however, they also do not want to be totally dependent upon their cell phones while in their homes. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) offers the best landline phone alternative.

VoIP technology is a telephone connection powered by the Internet. As long someone has broadband access, they can talk to anyone around the world at little to no cost using VoIP. This type of home amenity could be useful for consumers who want a dedicated phone station in their home office, people who want a traditional phone base that shares the same number as their cell phone, and small business owners who want the flexibility of being able to work from anywhere, including at home.

2. Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells have increased in popularity in recent years, and tech-savvy consumers seem to love them. Top publications, such as ForbesThe Wirecutter, and The Wall Street Journal, have put forth articles offering positive reviews of this home amenity – although they are not without controversy

A smart doorbell is basically a nanny camera with the functionality of a security camera plus the ability to transmit verbal communication like a cell phone. Smart doorbells offer many benefits, such as motion monitoring and video storage.

People who have trouble getting up to answer the door due to mobility issues may benefit from smart doorbells. Additionally, smart doorbells can assist those who want an extra layer of security around their homes. Many people enjoy smart doorbells simply so they can tell delivery people where to place their packages when they are not home to receive them.

3. Solar Panels

Green energy alternatives have been around for decades, but their trendiness only started to gain momentum in recent years. Residential solar power has been particularly popular among those who wish to decrease their carbon footprint. Plus, despite the high up-front costs associated with solar panel installation, some homeowners who use solar panels experience long-term savings due to their significantly decreased energy bills.

Solar panels may be a viable source of energy for those who want to be environmentally conscious, those who wish to increase their home’s value, and those who live in particularly sunny areas.

The best technology is no longer reserved solely for the workplace. Home technologies can make residential living smarter, safer, and more efficient.

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