3 Reasons Why Courtney Whitmore, AKA Stargirl, Makes A Great Role Model

Not every girl dreams about having magical abilities and fighting evil, but some do. Some girls even look to superheroes as role models. Many other teenage girls say that females from their everyday lives are the people they look up to most, because of their success, kindness, intelligence, etc. DC’s comic book character Courtney Whitmore, also called Stargirl, fits both the superhero and everyday life criteria.  Below are the top three reasons why Stargirl makes such a wonderful role model for young women today.

1. She is a Superhero

Stargirl is a literal superhero. She has a magical belt and staff that give her superhuman abilities. When Geoff Johns created Stargirl though, he created more than just another being with magical powers, he created a leader and an overcomer too.  Stargirl leads her band of crime-fighting friends and later the new Justice Society of America. She proves herself time and time again to many different adults who doubt her ability to lead and fight crime since she is only a kid. She also overcomes physical and mental obstacles in the shape of superpowered enemies, world-changing weapons, and self-doubt. She does all of this with the grace and dignity that one expects to see in any hero and this makes her even more of a superheroine in the eyes of her fans. 

2. She is Relateable

Stargirl is not only Stargirl but also Courtney Whitmore, a high school student with a life that many teenage girls can relate to. She has worries and cares about homework, boys, family, and friends just as so many young females do. She has flaws and makes mistakes that make her seem like an everyday, normal girl. Young girls can see themselves in her and strive to act and think like her. Courtney also deals with having step-relatives, an issue that many kids deal with. She has to navigate, often strained, relationships with her step-father, her mother, her step-brother, and later on her half-sister and biological father. This mixed family identity is incredibly relevant to many young people today and Stargirl as Courtney demonstrates many ways to deal with this fact of life that young people can easily learn from. 

3. She is Selfless

Stargirl exhibits a great sense of community and puts others first, traits that young kids often look for in a role model.  She makes friends with misfits and outcasts and welcomes them with open arms. She is always ready to help others and tries hard to see the good in people as well. She understands that people are complicated and rarely one-sided and she uses this knowledge and understanding to form tight bonds and serve the community every chance she gets. Her giving, accepting, selfless nature should be admired and imitated by young people everywhere.

Stargirl makes an amazing role model. She is a superhero with magical powers but she is also a leader and she overcomes all the obstacles she faces with finesse. She is also Courtney Whitmore, an average, everyday teenager that people can easily identify with. She is focused on building community and accepting others no matter their background as well. She is Stargirl, and just as they look up to the stars, young girls can and should look up to her.

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