3 Effective Marketing Tips From Quaintise To Help Your Business In Los Angeles

By now, you’ll find more than 244,000 businesses in Los Angeles alone, and the competition there is crazy. After all, all of them vie for customer attention. But, how can your business make it? Today, we will discuss 3 effective marketing tips from to help you.

When it comes to marketing, never use generic marketing techniques. According to quaintise, the key to success is to focus on your local customers. Focusing on them means that you need to take a personal approach if you want to reach your audience. How? Think of a strategy that can help you understand your customers more. 

3 marketing tips from quaintise to help your business

Los Angeles has been and will always be the center of the television and film industry in this country. It’s where people come to make it. They don’t come here to fail – that includes businesses of all sizes.  So, if your goal is for your business to stand out, then you should follow these three effective marketing tips:

Fine-tuning your ads

This involves making necessary adjustments to your ads. Doing these will help your business stand out:

Customizing your ad copies based on region – Los Angeles is so huge that you won’t be able to approach it as a monolith in terms of local marketing. quaintise says that there has to be a connection between you and your customers’ needs per region.

You have the following questions to help you:

  • How do you make use of hyperlocal information to connect with your customers?
  • Can you identify the types of people in the area or region?
  • What makes the areas or regions special?
  • Which areas do you think will like your product or service?

Once you have established genuine connections with the locals, you can position your brand as community-minded and authentic.

Going old school using radio ads

Many businesses only care about digital media today and forget about traditional advertising. After all, radio advertisements can still positively contribute so you can with potential customers. Marketing your business online is vital. However, learning the demographics of your radio stations is just as important. Which radio stations do your customers usually listen to? Use this information so you can start creating ads that will appeal to your customers.

Placing your advertisements wisely

The demographics of your audience have a significant impact on whether or not you need to focus on social media marketing. Age, ethnicity, gender, location, and educational level are among the factors that can influence the way people use media. If you’re unsure, then you can start by asking the questions below to your customers. 

The following questions below can help you get better insights:

  • Where do you get your news?
  • Which social media sites or platforms do you use the most?
  • Which TV stations do you frequently watch?
  • How or where did you first hear about us?

Marketing on social media websites

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are just few of the popular social media sites that a lot of people are using today. Thanks to the pandemic, the use of these platforms has increased, especially now that most of us are just staying at home. According to quaintise the following tips will help your business stand out:

Adding local hashtags – Studies show that using at least 1 hashtag on Instagram can get a 12.6% engagement boost. Hashtags offer an easy way to find related content on social media platforms. If you want to promote your brand, all you have to do is use related hashtags whenever you label your posts.

Use 1 to 3 words to make the hashtags easy to read. You can mention your products or services, the location, or whatever is featured in your post. You can also use other associated keywords that you think people might look for. 

Using location tags – To connect with local customers in Los Angeles, consider adding location tags or geotags to your posts on social media. Location tags don’t just label where photos and videos were taken. They can allow users to see other posts that have been tagged at the same spot.

Using targeted social media ads – Make sure that you know the ins and outs of each social media platform and how it can connect you with potential customers. If they use Facebook regularly, then focus your digital ad campaign on Facebook. What type of Facebook advertisement do you want? Do you want to link it to specific products? Do you want an eye-catching video? Experimenting with the options will help you find out what works and what doesn’t.

Improving your website

The goal is to make your business stand out from against its competitors to gain new customers. Your website is crucial at this point, so try to develop helpful content. You may also add local touches to your website.

Adding local touches – Focus on one area where you can incorporate local touches into your design. Include imageries that can add a personal and familiar feel. You can also include photos of the beach or a local business district, depending on what services you offer. This helps you establish an authentic part of the community in Los Angeles.

Developing helpful content – Think outside the box if you want to serve potential customers. If you associate your brand with being helpful and reliable, then your products or services will be seen in the same way. Start a blog to boost your reputation. According to research, blogs can help brands connect with new customers.

Focusing on individual service areas – quaintise says that you need to create a tab on your website with a drop-down menu listing of each location you serve. These pages help your customers see where you work. It also gives you more opportunities to incorporate local keywords on your website.

Incorporating local keywords – Including localized keywords in the copy and meta tags can help you improve your website. You can use simple tags like Los Angeles plus the company’s name to boost your Google search rankings. Most importantly, think about what your potential customers might search for, and include them on your site. If you don’t know the keywords specific to your area, then use Google Trends to check what’s popular.

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