3 Brands That Work With PowerPoint Design Experts

Whether you’re a growing startup or an established brand, business meetings are a chance to showcase your unique story and underscore your value. That said, it never hurts to know what the competition is doing. 

By taking a sneak peek at the best corporate PowerPoint templates for inspiration, you can find out how good deck design reinforces branding and refines your key messages. 

More importantly, you’ll know what to expect from a PowerPoint presentation design service when you partner with presentation experts for your next financial performance report, vision meeting, or pitch deck.

3 Big Brands Making a Splash with Dynamic Deck Design

Keep scrolling to discover big brands that use professional PowerPoint presentation templates to take their meetings to the next level. Here’s what good design and content can do.

1. CrowdStrike

As a major thought leader in cloud-delivered endpoint security, CrowdStrike delivers keynotes on cybersecurity at massive annual conferences every year. It needed a cohesive, engaging, and polished presentation to show to its large audiences that it’s a trusted and knowledgeable name in the industry. By working with presentation experts, CrowdStrike was able to create fully branded templates for PowerPoint presentations, as well as accompanying one-pagers and documents. 


With more than 70 years in the business, Integrum Financial Solutions Group (IFSG) has a long-established presence in the financial world. Despite its history, it struggled to launch an innovative product because it lacked branding. Luckily, PowerPoint presentation experts can help brands like IFSG iron out the details with their branding. With the guidance of these specialists, IFSG was able to set the tone and message that perfectly matched their maturing brand.  

3. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo is known in the B2B world as the go-to, cloud-based market intelligence platform. The SaaS company’s sales and marketing team needed help when a fact-heavy deck wasn’t performing as it should. With the help of design specialists, ZoomInfo could concentrate on the parts of its corporate narrative that underscored the company’s swift momentum. Tweaking the messaging with custom-built graphics and animations helps create a cohesive brand identity.

What Do These Brands Have in Common?

On the surface, a B2B intelligence platform, financial services firm, and cybersecurity thought leader don’t share a lot of commonalities. But one thing they share in common is they were able to reinforce their brand with a high-impact deck design.

While the content of their presentations may be nothing alike, they received help with the following tasks:

  • Content Consulting: It can be hard to edit your presentation down to the mission-critical information. Presentation experts can help you slash the noise and organize content logically by offering storyboarding services, copywriting assistance, and data visualization that supports your unique narrative.
  • Template Systems: Custom-build professional PowerPoint presentation templates simultaneously boost productivity and strengthen brand identity.
  • Motion Graphics & Video: Video infographics, explainer videos, and demos can support static illustrations, using visual storytelling to share your brand and message in an impactful way. 
  • Presentation Training: Presentation experts can help you become the best presenter you can be. Besides teaching you how to navigate your custom-built professional PowerPoint presentation templates, these specialists can also share the building blocks of good storytelling, design, and public speaking.

The Takeaway:

The competition is supplementing their design with expert advice, so why aren’t you? Remember these details when you approach your next deck. They’ll help you find a specialist who elevates your brand and message. 

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