10 Ways Your Business Can Help Save The Environment

The public movement to be more environmentally friendly has now spread to business. If you have the power to influence your organization, here are 10 ways you can make a difference.

1. Switch to Clean Transportation

If you deliver goods locally, how your products get from A to B is an excellent chance to be greener. And an adult tricycle for sale could be your answer. These nippy little hybrids are a cross between a cart and a bicycle and enable you to transport light goods with speed and free from emissions.

2. Volunteer

People Collecting Trash into Bags on Beach.

Most communities have green initiatives running that your business can support. Speak with your local government, news media publications, or your chamber of commerce and find out what programs exist in your area and how you can get involved. Nothing happening? Start your own.

3. Reward Your Team

A little friendly competition among team members inspires them to be greener. Awards for implementing green practices such as taking the stairs, turning off computers or walking to work can teach long-term sustainable behaviors. The prizes can be green too — electric bikes for adults are a novel and appropriate bonus.

4. Go Paperless

In today’s digital age, does your office really need to print? Collaborative tools allow businesses to keep all documents in shared drives, making it easier and cheaper to keep literature up-to-date. Conduct a review of all current comms — you’ll be surprised at what you can convert to a digital format.

5. Support Green Suppliers

You can show your support for other environmentally friendly businesses by buying from brands and suppliers who offer sustainable products and services. Whether you need paper for the photocopier or bike baskets for the post room, buy smart.

A great alternative for the usage of plastic in your business can be checking out Polythene UK, leading suppliers plastic packaging who are constantly taking steps to develop products made from cleaner plastic polymers with smaller carbon footprints

6. Overhaul Your Offering

What are your green credentials? What is your stance on corporate social responsibility? Can you make your product more environmentally friendly by using green suppliers? Does your service delivery support a sustainable message? Many brands talk a good talk, but if you can’t walk it, your customers won’t believe what you say.

7. Explore Clean Energy

Speak with utility providers about switching to renewable energy sources. Adopting solar, geothermal or wind energy are all ways you can support the environment. You’ll benefit from tax rebates while you’re at it, too.

8. Recycle

If you haven’t had a chance to implement a recycling program, it’s time you did. Don’t be daunted; speak with your local recycling center or waste management company. They can help you with a recycling plan.

9. Be Energy Efficient

There are many energy-efficient products on the market, and it’s easy for businesses to switch out outdated technologies and replace them with energy-saving appliances. From lightbulbs to printers, the Department of Energy has plenty of helpful advice on how you can make your workplace more energy-efficient.

10. Implement Cultural Change

Making your business environmentally friendly must spread throughout your whole organization. The best way you can do that is through team training to make it part of your culture.

Remember, sustainability is a marathon — not a sprint. Don’t try to do everything at once. Tackle what you can bit by bit and you’ll be an environmentally friendly brand before you know it.

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