10 Surprising Ways Personalised Puzzles Are More Refreshing Than New Socks

Jigsaw puzzles have been here for centuries and have been our constant companion during fun times. They are arguably one of the most popular indoor activities one can do. For that, jigsaw puzzles have been a household thing for many years. If we see through generations, we will notice that it has not lost its popularity.

Apart from being a refreshing indoor activity, it is also a hobby for some people. Moreover, solving jigsaw puzzles has many benefits that stimulate our minds in a great way. Solving jigsaw puzzles becomes more fun when it comes to a personalised puzzle. Now, what is a personalised jigsaw puzzle?

It is a regular puzzle, but you can customise it according to your choice, including choosing the overall picture of the puzzle, regulating the number of pieces, and many more.

Now, let’s see why personalised solving puzzles is more refreshing than having a pair of new socks!

Uplift your mood-

Solving a personalised jigsaw puzzle may uplift your mood effectively. Studies have concluded that solving these puzzles can have a similar effect that we experience through cooking and other activities, including making something.

Stimulate your brain-

While you solve an australian jigsaw puzzle, you’re making both hemispheres of your brain work simultaneously. We see a similar effect while playing a musical instrument. The overall process becomes more intense when you work on something personal, such as recreating your birthday photograph by arranging jigsaw puzzle pieces. So, you can replace your musical instrument with a personalised jigsaw puzzle!

Visual-Spatial Reasoning-

As you pick up a jigsaw puzzle piece, your brain constantly scans the entire picture and tries to place the piece you’re holding in the picture. It is called visual-spatial reasoning, and it is an important function of our brain. You can use jigsaw puzzles to train your brain like that, and it becomes even more engaging when you’re trying to recreate a memorable event from your life.

Feeling of triumph-

It is not only important to remember the entire picture you’re trying to make, but the small details about the picture make it more challenging. You have to be even more attentive while trying to rebuild the family photo; so many faces need the right place to sit and complete the puzzle. It feels quite like an accomplishment after finishing the task.

Improve memory-

Jigsaw puzzles help to improve your memories. You have to memorise the entire picture, but also, you can’t overlook the minor details. Solving jigsaw puzzles enhances your short-term memory, which is significant to children and adults alike. As it aids children in developing sharper memory, older people can also benefit from it and remember things and events for much longer.

Release stress-

Have you ever heard of new socks releasing your stress? No, right? Well, jigsaw puzzles can do that. While you engage yourself in remaking the entire picture of the puzzle, your brain releases happy hormones and chemicals. These hormones help fight stress and other stress-related conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases and mental health conditions. Solving a personalised puzzle will generate a better effect, no doubt.

Fun with family-

What is the point of having an indoor activity if not with family? In that case, a personalised jigsaw puzzle will bring out the most fun one can have with family. Think it like this; you’re re-creating a family photograph with your family – can you imagine any activity better than this? You must be smiling and nodding your head.

Best gift for your special one-

Finding an appropriate gift for the special one is not as easy as it sounds. Don’t worry; select a beautiful picture of you two and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle. Your lover can solve the puzzle to remake the memory, and guess what? It will be the best gift of solitude your lover can have.

Enhance family bonding-

While you’re engaged with your family in creating the perfect family photo through jigsaw puzzles, all of you become the best team possible. In simple words, solving jigsaw puzzles strengthens bonding, reflecting fantastic teamwork.

Boost your focus-

Solving jigsaw puzzles requires focus. When you’re working on a personalised jigsaw puzzle, you’ll most likely become more focused as you relate to it closely. The more focused you are, the better your brain will function. The result is a focused brain and improved problem-solving ability.   


Jigsaw puzzles are fun, but personalised ones are way cooler. So, to get one for you, look up Puzzles Australia. You can find plenty of options perfect for creating your personalised jigsaw puzzle.

On the other hand, solving them stimulates your brain and saves you from stress-related conditions. It helps you become a better version of yourself each day and bond with your family. Does your new pair of socks provide all these benefits? You may already be going through the website mentioned above!

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