10 Reasons To Catch ‘House of Cards’ On Netflix


With season three of ‘House of Cards’ landing on Netflix just a day or so ago, now is a good time to get on board. If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching this Netflix original, I’m going to push you toward it. I believe you will thank me for the little nudge toward this great show. Seasons one and two were very good and I have purposely stayed away from any reviews from people who have already watched all thirteen episodes in 24 hours! Do these people ever sleep?

Here are ten reasons to log onto Netflix and start watching ‘House of Cards’ immediately. Don’t worry. It’s the dead of winter. You’re not really going to do that yard work you had on your agenda. Your neighbors won’t mind your messy yard. It’s freezing outside so everyone’s property is a bit out of shape.

10. If you watch this show you may become a master manipulator. This skill can be used for good. Trust me. No really it works wonders.

9. Game of Thrones won’t be back on for a couple more months. This show will help pass the time until we see Mother of Dragons back on our big screens.

8. Doug Stamper is one of the most loathsome people I have ever seen on film. His actions will certainly keep you wondering how low he can go.

7. If you like a show that makes you think, then this is it. It’s like a game of chess with each move making an impact along the way. It doesn’t dumb itself down so everyone can get it.

6. Claire Underwood, played by Robin Wright, is a great character that has many different layers. She is certainly hateable like her husband Frank. But she is also an interesting person that may get your sympathy at certain points.

5. If you want a dramatic look at what’s wrong with our political system, this is a good preview. I’m not sure reality isn’t worse than this fiction!

4. Kevin Spacey is a great actor and his portrayal of  Francis Underwood is epic. He makes you hate him and respect his climb to the top at the same time.

3. I will promise that this Netflix show is better than 95% of what’s on your TV right this second. I can envision your choices being some bearded rednecks who are mildly amusing or a few drunk housewives of city-x acting overly dramatic.

2. You can binge watch an entire new season right now. No waiting a week on a cliffhanger to be resolved.

1. We need more Netflix originals like this. The more people watch, the more we will get. I can see this being the last season of the show, but as I said I am purposely avoiding too much info on that.

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Shane McLendon
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