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10 Geeky Infographics To Blow Your Mind

Prepare to geek out on some great infographics from Pinterest. I love me some infographics. Add some geekdom to it and I’m even more into these graphics. Pinterest is one great place to find terrific to the point info. Here are ten geeky infographics that I found super cool and interesting.

10.  Logos are not that complicated to make and some of the best only cost a few bucks. See Nike. BP on the other hand spent enough to feed a small country for a day. There’s more to this logo cost from BP than meets the eye. No company is that stupid surely.

9.  A day in the life of the internet shows some fascinating facts. 22 million hours spent on Netflix in just three days. Wow!

8. Want to know what your state buys on eBay the most? Maybe you would have been better off not knowing!

7.  Map out where your favorite Marvel characters hale from. Very cool graphic for comic and movie fans.

marvel comics infographic

6. Good info if you are on the dating scene. must have tons of data on relationships. It turns out that 60% of single women don’t judge a guy by his car. That means that 40% still do though fellas.

5. This one is a great language infographic for those interested in the spoken word. That would be most of the world. Even you geeks who like to speak in fictional tongues like Dothraki.

4. I enjoy books immensely and my wife does even more so. She may go through forty plus books a year. It is shocking that 33% of high school graduates never, let me repeat, never read another book the rest of their lives!


3.  I’m not saying we should tear down libraries, but Wikipedia has made sure that not many new ones are going to be built.

2. A visual breakdown of the physical stats of actors portraying some of our favorite super heroes. CGI Hulk > Lou Ferrigno.

1.  This is an eye opening stat for how much a dollar used to buy you compared to modern day values. The next time some old codger says he used to make ten cents an hour, remind him that he could buy a a meal at McDonald’s for four people with that dime!

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Shane McLendon
Wannabe geek and FLOW Seeker