10 Convenient Google Search Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About

Google is no doubt everyone’s search engine of choice due to how fast and accurate it is. While it gets the job done for most people with its basic search, Google still has a whole lot more to offer than a basic search function. You’ll be able to use Google much more efficiently and quickly if you get the hang of these tricks.

  1. Use tabs to narrow down your searches
use tabs

This is a trick that’s basically right in front of people and they still don’t mind using it. When you’re doing a search then you can narrow down the results by simply clicking on the tab that is the most relevant to your search such as if you hit the news tab while you’re searching for current events then you’re bound to find what you’re looking for much easier.

  1. Specific sites can be searched for by using colons
specific sites using colons

If your search revolves around specific websites then you may use colons and then write the name of the website after them. What this will do is that it’ll limit the search to only those specific websites.

  1. Look up the definition of any word
word definitions

Google takes away the hassle of ever needing a dictionary. Simply type “define” followed by the word you’re looking for and Google will give you a brief definition of it.

  1. Quotes help for more specific searches
using quotes

When you search for something on Google then there’s a high probability of you getting results similar to your search term. In this case, if you’d like to search for the exact words you’ve mentioned then you can use quotes and Google will do so accordingly.

  1. Use dots to search for price ranges
dots for price range

If you’re looking for price ranges of any items then you can simply enter the name of the item and then type your price range separated by two dots “..” and Google will show you all products within that range.

  1. Google has your math problems covered
google calculator

If you have a math problem pestering you but no time to solve it then you can simply enter it into Google and finish it off with the “=” sign to have it solved for you.

  1. A convenient currency converter
currency converter

Google search doubles up as a handy currency converter whenever you want it to. Simply type the currencies in the “X currency” to “Y currency” format and you’ll have them converted immediately.

  1. Google can tell you about the weather
weather in washington dc

When you’re trying to see what the weather is and don’t want to bother opening up different weather sites for it then you can simply type “what is the weather” into Google and you’ll be given full details of the current weather for your local area.

  1. No need to worry about any spelling issues

When you’re typing something into Google and mess up the spelling then you need not to worry as Google will automatically correct the spelling issues for you and then execute your search, saving you a whole lot of time in the process.

  1. Get up to date on sports scores
sport team score

This is especially useful as nowadays we have the Fifa World Cup going on. Simply type in the name of your team followed by the word “score” and you’ll automatically be given the update on what the score looks like. On top of the score, Google will also give you additional information like who’s playing, who committed a foul and all things like that.

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