The Development And Influence Of Electronic Commerce

The development of the Internet is the most influential thing. The Internet has penetrated all aspects of people’s lives. Marketing has been affected. E-commerce has penetrated all fields.

Enterprises can get rid of commercial intermediaries. They can reduce production costs, reduce sales costs, and improve efficiency. They can meet consumers’ demand for high-quality and low-cost products. E-commerce is good or beneficial to consumers.

It can be divided into two types. They are e-commerce in a broad sense and e-commerce in a narrow sense. The former refers to the use of electronic tools for business activities. The latter refers to using a network to engage in business or activities.

In our daily production activities, people understand e-commerce as online shopping. Someone bought the latest HONOR 10 Lite mobile phone through the HONOR 10 Lite official store in the UK. We regard this act of buying mobile phones online as e-commerce. It is wrong. 

The company creates an official online store through its website. It uploads and displays product information. People make online payments with bank accounts. They can obtain pre-sale and after-sale services. Electronic technology used can be defined as electronic commerce.

The transaction restrictions between countries have been broken through. The market has developed into a global market. E-commerce caters to this wave. E-commerce enables enterprises to face consumers. It uses bank cards to make payments on the network. This can provide services all day long. It can save time. This reduces production costs and the income of consumers.

E-commerce will be accepted by more people. E-commerce and traditional marketing will influence and promote each other. The development of enterprises in e-commerce should integrate their affairs. They will make greater contributions to the development of enterprises.

Factors that influence the development of Electronic Commerce 

Electronic commerce is a broad term and also written eCommerce. E-commerce means to buy or sell products through electronic media. The primary element in e-commerce is the internet. The advent of technology has made transactions much convenient around the world. Mobile users can easily buy and sell products as well as services through the internet. Moreover, you can buy electronic gadgets through e-commerce, such as mobile phones and others. 

Nowadays, the trends of e-commerce have been increasing tremendously. However, a large number of people are using mobile phones for purchasing different products through eCommerce. Same as other companies, Mobile phone manufacturers are also offering different products with the help of e-commerce. For example, if you want to buy Honor 10 lite, you can visit the official website and purchase the phone by staying at home. 

Here are some factors that have a significant impact on the development of e-commerce, such as:

Competitive pricing

E-commerce means buying or selling products through the internet. It means you have some stores, but you’re offering various products online. It is your responsibility to sell the products at reasonable prices. If we talk about the telecommunication market, the demand for mobile phones has been increasing dramatically. 

Many people are in search of high-quality mobile phones at low rates. If you’re a person who wants to buy a cost-effective mobile phone through e-commerce, Honor 10 lite tends to be the best option for you. So being a seller, it is your responsibility to offer competitive pricing to your customers. It may help you to increase your sales. 

Product quality 

The quality f product considers as the most essential part that has a great influence on the development of e-commerce. The quality is the way that helps you to increase our sales, and you can satisfy your custom. A consumer never compromises on the quality of the product. So always maintain the quality of product to bring improvement in e-commerce. It tends to be the main element that has a significant impact on e-commerce. By giving high-quality products, you can grab more customers and increase sales. 

Shipping time and cost 

It has been observed that a large number of people have no time for shopping, and they prefer to buy products through e-commerce. In this situation, a consumer always expects fast shipping at reasonable shipping costs. Undoubtedly, it may affect the development of e-commerce. Many online websites offer free shipping when you buy more products. So being a seller, it is your responsibility to keep your shipping services fast as well as reasonable shipping costs. It may help to increase the customers of your website.

Online reviews 

When we talk about technological products such as mobile phones, people don’t rely on them to buy these products online. But the reviews on the website may help people to buy technology products through e-commerce. Well, the demand and need of the people vary from area to area, but the reviews may guide you to buy technology products. Additionally, people can easily compare the different technology products by reading reviews on the website. 

Easy return policy 

It is a fact that electronic commerce is becoming popular around the world, but you need to give the surety by offering a refund policy. Many websites don’t offer a refund policy, but it has a great influence on customers. It attracts customers, and they show their interest in buying products, particularly when we talk about mobile phones and other technology products. In this way, you can develop trust with your customers deal with transparently. If you truly want to make your customers satisfied and happy, you should offer a return policy to make them blissful.

Ease of checkout 

Checkout tends to be a great complexity that has an adverse influence on the development of e-commerce. A single page checkout is a way that improves your sales and you can get more customers. Moreover, give the facility of bank accounts as well as a credit card for payment. The payment method is also an important factor that helps in the development of e-commerce. 


In a nutshell, technology has made our lives easier in several ways. E-commerce is a great example of it that has made purchasing and selling convenient for both seller and consumer. Some of the factors are given above play a primitive role in the development of e-commerce. 

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