10 Beautifully Transitioned Book To Movie Adaptations

Today we’ll be counting down our top ten favorite book to movie adaptations. I’m gonna put up my Liberace records just to keep everyone on the same page. We’re not basing this list on box-office and rewards so much as the adaptations.

Number 1 – The Godfather

Kid coming to my house one day my daughter’s come in married and you ask me murder taking the top spot on our list is the adaptation of Mario Puzo’s multi-generational crime saga which is considered one of the greatest films let alone greatest mafia films ever made I don’t know what to do right you can act like a man what about you although some may consider it a bit slow by today’s standards it is held to this day as a seminal masterpiece of filmmaking I want to like I’m on offer again review this is a rare case when an actor with cotton balls in his cheeks had managed to enhance and transcend the source material and give it a mythical appeal and peerless depth one of a calm stable disposed any meeting he’s a treasure don’t forget that agree with  our list yes always Godfather with countless book adaptations we’re sure your list is radically different home with a gun barrel between your teeth you speak only in vowels which one’s lived up to your expectations.

Number 2 – Lord of the Ring series

This is the film trilogy that no one ever believed could be made, does a strange thing that we should suffer so much fanned out so small a thing based on the beloved fantasy works of jr. our Tolkien this series went on to receive 11 Academy Awards and an orcs share of the box-office if you ask us it’s rightfully deserved as Peter Jackson managed to not only interpret and translate the deep narrative and world but did so by pioneering all new technological effects taking the strong lore and weaving it into pitch perfect pacing the trilogy kept audiences wrapped all the way to Mount Doom and through numerous endings.

Number 3 – The Harry Potter series

Wondering where to watch all the Harry Potter movies? It’s tough to find a boy or a girl who hasn’t been completely enchanted with this film series Gryffindor with so many fans growing up alongside JK Rowling’s beloved characters the magical series translated almost seamlessly from hardcover sensation to blockbuster mega franchise expecto patronum fantasy films like this we’re just not possible all that long ago and the dedicated cast ensured that audiences were just as glued to their seats as they were to the pages there’s something we need to find something hidden here in the castle and it may help us defeat you-know-who right?

Number 4 – To kill a Mockingbird

Based on the novel of the same name by Harper Lee no classroom lecture about racism and Prejudice in the American South would be complete without this classic mamo cop do yard to tea Gregory Peck stars as Atticus Finch the heroic lawyer who stands for fair treatment and equality a brave film based on a brave novel especially considering it was released six years before the death of Martin Luther King it carries a poignant lesson about the consequences of our misconceptions they never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view sir did he climb inside of his skin walk around in it.

Number 5 – The Wizard of Oz

He is wicked okay fine the ruby slippers were added by MGM there they are and they lipstick and it played fast and loose with the various elements from l frank Baum’s series including toning down the violence and focusing on singing that said it’s the film that took countless movie goers out of the dreary monotone and into Technicolor for the first time we must be over the rainbow as a fantasy film that brought a whole new world to life it also has aged startlingly well for a 70 year old film he really must be a wonderful wizard to live in a city for nothing.

Number 6 – Jurassic Park

This 1990 novel by Michael Crichton took some pretty daunting subject matter namely a dinosaur amusement park and managed to make us feel like we were actually there under Steven Spielberg’s pitch-perfect direction it brought us the spectacular man versus nature story while packing in the thrills and becoming the quintessential dinosaur movie

Number 7 – The Shawshank Redemption

Why don’t you do it I’m innocent read just like everybody else here okay we swear we’re not doing this on purpose but are you in the mood for one more Stephen King tail a little swaddle what I could give you to school relax this one’s different as it’s a drama based on the 1982 novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption so you want Rita Hayworth what Ken together perhaps the best prison film ever it captures an immense amount of sensitivity and emotional impact with Tim Robbins delivering as the innocent who spends two decades locked up for the death of his wife while Morgan Freeman provided the heart by being Morgan Freeman what a son my friend Oh hope can drive a man insane it’s got more use on the inside.

Number 8 – The Silence of the Lambs

Dr. Hannibal Lecter based on Thomas Harris’s 1988 novel which was a sequel to his 1981 novel red dragon regardless the film started on book 2 and gave us an unforgettable study into the mind of at least one if not two serial killers most serial killers keep some sort of trophies from their victims I didn’t know oh you ate yours of course Jodie Foster’s role as the inexperienced cadet put us on equally shaky footing with her while Anthony Hopkins his portrayal of the educated sophisticated and cannibalistic killer was a feast for the eyes I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

Number – 9 Misery

Look what I got next up is the thriller directed by Rob Reiner which also took its narrative from the works of Stephen King like The Shining this one is elevated by unforgettable performances specifically James Caan is the captive author and Kathy Bates is terrifying portrayal as the psychotic and murderous aunty you just better start showing me a little more appreciation around your mister man ah the atmosphere and manipulation is unforgettable and no modern special effect could have duplicated or enhanced it god I love you.

Number 10 – The Shining

Busting down the door and taking the first swing at our countdown is Stanley Kubrick’s psychological horror adaptation of Stephen King’s 1977 novel here’s Johnny you probably know the story an author and his family play caretaker to a haunted hotel where the author eventually loses his mind and his son discovers his own psychic abilities Red Rock TV what’s the matter Red Rock while the film may not have been a faithful recreation of the ghost story elements found in the book it remains the king of psychological horror you’ve got a big surprise coming to you you’re not going anywhere.

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