Why You Should File A Lawsuit After A Dog Bite

Dog bite victims often debate the idea of filing a lawsuit on their own rather than call a lawyer. Lawyers provide the guidance necessary to make this decision easier. Far too many dog bite victims avoid filing a lawsuit or even consulting an attorney for many reasons. Some assume they don’t need a lawyer; others think they cannot afford a professional. Don’t allow the owner of a vicious dog to walk away from this incident scot-free. Talk to an attorney to learn more about lawsuits and how they’ll benefit your future. In the meantime, read our list of top reasons to hire an accident attorney and file a lawsuit in a dog bite case. 

Free Consultations 

Find a dog bite lawyer offering free consultations. A free consultation provides time for a victim to discuss their case with an attorney. They’ll get details and advice regarding the matter during the consultation. If the lawyer decides that you have a case, he can begin the next steps in the lawsuit. Almost every personal injury lawyer offers free consultations. 

If the lawyer doesn’t think your case will hold up in court or if you decide not to pursue the matter, walk away. There is no obligation to hire the lawyer after accepting a consultation and never any hard feelings in the matter. 

Contingency Basis 

Working on a contingency basis is a service to injury victims. Money is tight after an accident, especially if you’re out of work. Paying an attorney is the last expense most victims can afford. Lawyers who work on a contingency basis make it easier for victims to get the legal help they need. 

You’ll agree upon a fee for legal services upon retaining the attorney. the attorney deducts this fee from the settlement or award amount. if the lawyer loses the case, he doesn’t get paid. It is just that simple. 

Medical Bills 

Getting proper medical care is nearly impossible for victims without insurance and/or who are out of work due to their injuries. The compensation awarded in a dog bite lawsuit ensures that victims have access to the best possible care for their injuries. Victims worry less when they know getting proper medical care is possible. 

As the victim of a dog bite, you’ve paid enough for someone else’s carelessness. Ensuring that you receive proper medical care to heal after a dog bite is important. Compensation awarded for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more are available. Don’t expect an easy recovery of this money. But you do have the right to sue the dog’s owner for your medical bills and lost wages.

Lawyers Win Their Clients More Money 

File a lawsuit without the expertise a Lexington dog bite lawyer offers and you’re in for a rough road ahead. Are you up for battling lawyers, insurance companies, and the legal system? This is no easy task for inexperienced individuals. Are you familiar with the laws enough to represent yourself? Even one mistake can sink the entire case. 

Lawyers ensure victims have a voice in court. They provide them with guidance and advice that ends favorably in the case. Lawyers win more money for their clients than they receive alone. An attorney knows what it takes to get money for their clients. They aren’t afraid to fight aggressively if that is what it takes to get justice. 

Prevent Future Attacks 

Filing a lawsuit against the owner of a vicious dog ensures that no one else endures the same tragedy as your own. When a dog owner pays a victim once, they’ll think twice about letting their dog off its leash! Filing a lawsuit ensures the dog that bit you is not out there free to roam and bite another person. 

For too many dog bite victims feel like filing a lawsuit is immoral or devastates another person’s life. Filing a lawsuit indeed has repercussions for the guilty party, but we must pay for our actions rather than allow others to take the fall. The pain of a dog bite has changed life as you know it. Hire an attorney, learn more about the lawsuit process, and get the compensation needed to rebuild your life after this tragedy.

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