Why You Need To Own The Exclusive Ferrari Slot Car

Ferrari is a name that conjures up an image that is unmistakable: exotic, beautiful super sports cars, usually red, and always desirable. It’s also a name that is intrinsically linked with motor racing, as Ferrari cars have won championships in Formula One, sportscar series and many more categories over the last 70 years.

However, as one of the world’s leading automobile and luxury brands – and indeed one of the most recognizable brands of all – Ferrari is extremely protective of its image, and rarely licenses third parties to produce representations of its products, whether in images or in model form.

That’s why Carrera Slots is extremely proud to be exclusively licensed to make a full range of superbly detailed, scale Ferrari slot cars, and you really need some in your collection! What models have they modeled? You’ll find Ferraris from all eras, and each in stunning realistic detail.

Stunning Detailed Models

Slot cars are very much in at the moment, and these exclusive Ferrari models are going to be very popular with kids – and also with adults – this Christmas, so it’s best you get in early and make sure you get the ones you want. The sheer range of models available from Carrera Slots is extensive, and you really will find them pretty amazing.

Do you want a Formula 1 Ferrari? You can choose from a range of models – we particularly like the SF71H, the 2018 F1 Ferrari, modeled beautifully in Sebastian Vettel’s numbers – that are amazingly

lifelike, and in a choice of scales, too. There is so much here to choose from you may find one that relates to your favorite driver, and a full range of accessories means you can customize your model if you wish.

When it comes to road cars – or racing versions of Ferrari road models – the choice is even more extensive. What about a glorious Ferrari 458 GT2, available in many different liveries and with many more to choose from among the accessories kit? Or you might prefer an all-time classic, in the shape of the beautiful Ferrari 365 P2, which looks superb in North American Racing Team colors. There’s a 512BB model, the gorgeous and legendary 250GT SWB, and just about every famous Ferrari model you can think of, so check out the Carrera Slots catalog now.

Why Choose Carrera Slots?

There are a number of reasons why Carrera Slots has become established as a leading name in the slot car world. The first is because they make superb-quality models that many believe to be the best in the business. They also offer a range of different scales, so you can choose one to suit the space you have available. Plus, they have both digital and analog sets and models, so you can add to your old track if you wish.

Perhaps the most attractive reason why Carrera Slots lead the way is their exclusive relationship with Ferrari. No other slot car maker – and only select model makers – in the world is permitted to recreate Ferrari models, so you can only get the most famous of the Italian supercar brands at Carrera Slots.

With a fabulous range of accessories – everything from full livery sets to spare parts such as axles and other mechanical parts – plus ready to go racing sets, control units and more, Carrera Slots is the go to place for the very best in slot cars and everything you need to build your perfect miniature home racing circuit. Why not have a look at the website now, and get your orders in early for Christ-mas? It might be the best gift you ever give

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