Why Should Businesses Start Using Proxy Servers?

Most of us barely know what proxy servers are used for. If you are like most of the individuals chances are you consider proxy servers as the only way to access contents that are not allowed in your state or stay secure when using public WIFI networks. 

A proxy server acts like a simple intermediary machine that allows us to make an indirect connection with other networks. It has its own IP (internet protocol address), therefore you will not have to rely on your private IP address. The mechanism is relatively simple and can be utilized for many business purposes, from customer experience to security and everything in between. 

Using the internet means using your private IP address. Whenever someone connects to the internet, your address allows other websites to track your online activity regardless of its type. And that’s where private proxy mediates, hiding your IP so you can remain anonymous and minimize the chances of a breach. 

Improved Security 

Because it can add an extra security layer between the external traffic, and your company’s proxy can effectively reduce the chances of a breach. Proxy servers face the web and send requests from other machines outside the system, acting as an excellent buffer. 

Cybercriminals can gain access to your proxy, however, they are going to face some hard time reaching the actual server where all your valuable data is stored. Indeed it is just impossible to keep talented hackers completely at bay with just a proxy server, but you will be less exposed to threats compared to other businesses running without a private proxy. 

Balance Traffic to Prevent Server Crashes

Nothing can be more upsetting for a customer than a crashed website when they really need it. Cloud data storage, peering, and a Private Proxy help businesses ensure this does not happen and improve their customer experience. 

While your data and content are cached across multiple servers around the world and in the cloud, peering might help your network manage way more traffic. And since you cannot ask your clients to figure out how to reach that content, a proxy server creates a single web address that acts as the access point matching the request to each server and ensuring that it is not overloaded. 

Do sensitive Tasks Anonymously 

Having an anonymous presence is imperative for many businesses out there, and proxy servers are excellent for that kind of job. Unfortunately, not all business owners understand the usefulness of this basic function. 

Security officers, whistle-blowers, and reporters rely on this additional security layer to protect themselves and their partners, companies, clients, and even funds. 

Bandwidth Savings and Faster Speeds 

Contrary to what you might have heard, proxy servers do not slow down your internet speed.

 Actually, you can rely on internet servers to improve your internet speed and even save on bandwidth by caching files and web pages that are accessed by multiple users, blocking ads from the websites, and even reducing traffic. 

This allows for a free bandwidth even on a crowded network, and so, your staff is able to browse the internet faster and safer.

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