Why Do Rolex Watches Make The Perfect Gift?

Watches are one fashion item that never goes out of style. The more antique and intricately designed it is, the more beautiful it looks. A diamond chain or a golden bracelet at hand might look good, but watches have their charm. A watch on a man wearing a tuxedo no doubt increases his attractive quotient to a large extent.

Watches have evolved, making them sleeker, and more customizable. They have also been made to suit as per your casual or formal look. But Rolex watches are still quite in use and much popular among people in general. When it comes to gifting your man, you can opt for a classic Rolex Submariner watch.

What makes Rolex watches different?

Rolex watches are a watch that is meant to be carried in the Rolex instead of being wrapped around in the wrist. They were in trend since the 16th century and were made in traditional design initially. A hunter case Rolex watch is one where the case comes with a spring-hinged circular metal lid or cover. The watch closes overwatch dial and crystal, and so the watch gets protected from dust, scratches, damages, or debris. You’ll never feel better than you do when you wind your watch.

The hunter case originated from the place where fox hunting men found it very convenient to see the time on their watches without opening their lid, while they held the reins of their horse on the other. And this is precisely how the hunter case Rolex watch evolved, as the name suggests.

Types of Hunter Watches

Hunter watches come in many design variations, but the two colors in which you obtain them are gold or silver. A 9-carat gold full hunter Rolex watch is one of the famous Rolex watches. It has clear cases both in the front and in the back. The front opens to reveal a white dial which has Roman numerals engraved in it along with blue steeled hands. Most of these watches come with a gift box.

Another one which is pretty famous among hunter watches are sterling silver whose dial color is white, and the dial style skeleton. This one also features Roman numerals on the outside case and the watch face as well. The classic Rolex watches have a frame, so the 17 jewel mechanisms can be viewed.

They also have matching chains that help them to keep in the Rolex, and you can see the time in it without removing its lid and just from the surface. It is a classic collection that every person should have despite being a watch lover or not. It is a prized possession that will showcase your status, sophistication, and taste.

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